Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Fourteen


“Phew! Am I glad you talked me into chilling out the beach. I had so much fun!” Keyonna exclaimed, walking back into the house and reclining on one of the living room sofas. She’d been so self-conscious about exposing her body in a swimsuit especially when the bruises from her accident could still be evident. But Nick had assured her she would look gorgeous and besides, the villa was on a private beach; it was just them for miles and miles.

Since that was the case, Keyonna picked her skimpiest pair, though she still felt shy walking around almost naked in broad daylight beneath the gleaming eyes of her sexy-as-hell husband. Gone was the brooding, controlling Nick she remembered. He was just the perfect gentleman, attentive and charming. They had their romantic walk on the beach and then a picnic high on some rocks overlooking the water. The serenity and the eloquence in every wave and cloud was mesmerizing.

They’d talked and she’d flirted terribly with him; it still felt like the first time when she was around him and Keyonna took delight in teasing him with saucy comments he least expected. Like telling him that though she’d always found him cocky when she first met him, she’d had sleepless nights filled with fantasies of being taken hard and roughly by him.

“And just in case you’re wondering, baby you’ve succeeded in fulfilling every one of those raunchy fantasies,” Keyonna had cooed in his ear, and he’d growled, grabbing her by the waist and spinning her round and round on the sand. Keyonna couldn’t stop giggling as she clung to his broad shoulders dressed in a white linen shirt, left unbuttoned beneath his rolled-up matching white pants.

“You do great things for my ego, little one,” Nick had teased, his dark eyes pleased and crinkling. “I’ll have to remind myself not to get a bighead before this honeymoon is over.”

Keyonna had merely laughed, glad to see him look so happy. And now he sat next to her on the sofa, handing her a glass of a cool cocktail which Keyonna sipped on gratefully.

“I think the walk out in the sun has brought the bloom back in your cheeks,” he said with a tender stroke of his knuckles along the side of her face. “I was beginning to feel guilty, barely letting you go from bedroom to shower in all the days since we arrived.”

“Hmm,” Keyonna purred, looking at him over her glass and meeting his wolfish grin. “I recall we did make it to the kitchen a few times – after all we both couldn’t live on hot sex alone.”

Nick let out a deep chuckle as he took her free hand and kissed the knuckles warmly. “Speak for yourself, cara mia. This sexy body’s got all the nourishment a grown man like me needs.” And to buttress his point, he lowered his head to take a hearty nibble from her bare shoulder, making her squeal.

But then Keyonna’s eyes sobered, and she sighed deeply. “If only I could remember...” She paused, frowning slightly as she felt Nick stiffen. She’d sensed early on that he didn’t really like her straining her memory or bringing up anything that must have happened before she woke up lying in that hospital bed. And yet it was two weeks since then and even with all the happy times they’d shared here on this beautiful Greek island in his dreamy villa, Keyonna could no longer fight the factuality that there were a few pieces to the puzzle missing, and it bugged her.

Now that she felt stronger not just physically but mentally, Keyonna felt it was about time she tried to put the lost pieces back together.

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