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Oh hell no.

Nick did not forget today was their wedding anniversary. Keyonna frowned as she checked the time while stirring furiously on the different pots on the stove.

She heaved a sigh, glad that the kids were with her best pal Natasha, who had one toddler of her own with her utterly adorable husband Hurley who also happened to be her publisher. Natasha had stopped working with the magazine, and had left celeb gossip to focus on her writing career. Now she wrote fictional novels about the rich and glamorous, and her books were selling out stores and making all the top ten lists. Keyonna was really happy for her.

Not that Keyonna was doing bad herself. Yes she had a billionaire husband but she was proud to have her own career. Thanks to her daring investment moves, in two years she was more or less raking in the millions and now she could pick the design jobs she wanted to do. These days many of her clients were A-list celebrities – and when she could spare a minute off taking care of her three and four year-old sons, she was either creating a home office for a talk show host, a guest bedroom for a supermodel or a nursery for a rock band bass guitarist.

So yeah, her life was pretty much perfect. She had a wonderful career, marvelous kids she adored and a husband she loved but would skin alive if he forgot to come home on time for their anniversary.

Keyonna resisted the urge to ring Nick’s cell, knowing he might probably be on his private plane getting back. She hoped. His business trip had taken longer than either of them had expected – almost two weeks. In the past week she’d restrained from mentioning anything about the anniversary. Part of her wanted to think he was deliberately keeping mum about it too, as a surprise – but another part of her was scared he’d completely forgot.

Which meant she was taking a big risk for not bringing it up this morning to remind him when they’d spoken for a few minutes.

“I miss you, piccino,” he’d said deeply, and Keyonna could remember how she’d squirmed in her covers since she’d still been in bed when he’d called early that morning. She wondered why he continued to call her that pet name ‘tiny one’ when Keyonna felt anything but right then.

Thinking about that, Keyonna suddenly paused in front of the reflective door of the refrigerator and viewed her figure from different angles. Yep, she was as huge as a house, especially with baby number three in the oven.

“And I miss little Nando and Gio. And baby Aida,” Nick had added, and Keyonna had rolled her eyes. Ever since Nick knew they were having a girl, he’d been over the moon, already had the name set and Keyonna just went with it because well okay, it was great to see him so happy.

“We all miss you, Nicky,” Keyonna crooned, hiding a giggle. If any of his he-men cousins or tough business associates and competitors had a clue what Nick let her get away with calling him...But it felt so sexy that she could get so irreverent with her big, hunky business magnate husband. And hey, she let him get away with calling her ‘tiny’ and ‘flea’ all the time in Italian – though those names sounded nice when he said them in that delightful native tongue.

There’d been a whole lot of soul, sweat and tears she’d put in this marriage but the best part of it was being validated every single day by her loving man. No one ever thought they’d last this long but here they were, five years on and still going strong.

Keyonna stared one more time at her reflection and tried not to cry for the figure she’d lost and might not get back in a hurry. Her tits were humungous and it felt like she was carrying a barrel beneath her jersey wrap dress.

Oh shit, she thought, suddenly panicking. Was she ever going to be sexy again? How could Nick even stand to look at her now? She’d always been dedicated in shedding her pregnancy-gain with her last two babies. But it was almost three years since Gio, and with this pregnancy she seemed to have doubled in size. From the start Nick had been supportive and told her she was still the most beautiful woman in the world especially with carrying his babies. But now, checking herself out Keyonna couldn’t help feeling a pang of glumness.

He always told her she had that glow; that special beauty of imminent childbirth that expectant mothers have.

Keyonna knew enough about the things that came with imminent childbirth. It made you hungry, horny and fat. In the past two weeks since Nick was gone she’d given in to her food cravings as much as she could without pigging out, but when it came to her bedroom needs, nothing could ever do but her devastatingly capable husband giving her the lovin’ her body deserved.

So where was he, Keyonna thought, biting on her thumbnail as she thought of all that food warmingin the oven. The gourmet food plus his favorite Mediterranean salads and their best wine – for him since she couldn’t have alcohol. Everything was set up right to the candlelight for the dinner and the rose petals on the sheets in the bedroom.

They’d never had a real honeymoon night, thanks to Keyonna running out on him during their wedding reception. So the anniversary of their wedding date always held special value and they always made sure they were together. They always tried to make it special, no matter the location they chose to be at.

Nick’s many business concerns lately had him traveling from home more than usual and Keyonna was in no condition to be jetting around with him as she sometimes did. The boys always had willing babysitters in Keyonna’s parents or friends. Keyonna knew she was lucky to have so much support from everyone and even on Nick’s side of the family, she could count on a few cousins and aunts who adored spending time with their little nephews.

Keyonna rubbed her six month pregnant tummy and felt the baby move. She checked the time and it was already a few minutes past seven. Nick wasn’t coming. She just knew it. Something must have held him up. All those Asian oil deals he was into now. Big-time pipeline contracts. Keyonna understood he needed to keep the Vitale fortune going but did he really need to work all through the most special day of the year in their marriage?

Then again why would he even want to come home to this? She looked down at her figure for another unflattering perusal. Especially since he was still getting supermodels and actresses flinging themselves at him even now that he was a married man with kids.

Shit shit shit! Keyonna thought as her eyes filled with emotional tears. Not again. She told herself a long time ago she wouldn’t give herself a headache wondering about any of the hot women who could possibly be trying to tempt her husband away from his wife and kids. Nick was a real family man; he wouldn’t let anything or anyone mess with his commitment to his flesh and blood.

He’d certainly never given her any cause to doubt him. Not in all their five years together. Even his stepmother was no longer in the picture ever since she remarried some British count. Keyonna hadn’t even known people still took those titles seriously. And then there was Mark; she’d heard he did get married but not to Trisha and he was now a man of business himself, a top exec in the Tucker supermarket chain with his aunt going as strong as ever even in her seventies.

Thinking back to all the people who’d played even a small part in her life had Keyonna feeling more sentimental than usual. Or maybe it was just her condition that had her mooning and teary-eyed over anything. She really didn’t want to be alone tonight. So she was going to ring Nick up and confirm he couldn’t make it and then call up Natasha to see if she could come over to chill with them for the night.

Just as she reached for the phone, it rang.

Keyonna jumped, then bit hard on her lip. Depression gave way to angst as she glared at the phone like it was Nick in person. The next second, she was grabbing it and snapping, “Nick?”

“Baby...I should have called, I’m sorry,” were the first words he said. Just the sound of his voice had Keyonna heaving a sigh of relief.

“I was really worried, Nick,” she said softly, fingers combing through her hair that she’d fixed so nicely for the evening.

“You know about the really bad weather that’s been coming down all day?” he added, and Keyonna’s breath caught.

“I haven’t really been following the news. Does that mean it delayed your flight? You’re not coming are you, Nick?”

“Keyonna, I...”

“Oh no,” she cried. “I cooked all your favorite dishes, I planned such a romantic evening.”

“Shush,” he said soothingly. Keyonna was far from reassured even though she was relieved he was okay – but she truly wished he was here now and he obviously couldn’t be.

Tears stung her eyes. “I just really wanted you to be here. You know I haven’t really minded about how occupied you get with business; but you know I’m extra sensitive now that I’m pregnant and I...”

“Keyonna, just please open the door. And stop crying. I don’t want to see a single tear clouding those beautiful eyes when I look into my sweet wife’s face.”

Keyonna gasped, dropping the phone and fairly flying to the front door. She threw it open and Nick was there. Oh God.

“Nick!” she cried and leaped into his arms. He grabbed her to him, his arms tight around her as he walked them in, closing the door behind him as he kissed her forehead, her nose, her teary cheeks. Soft words of endearments followed and she just clung tight, relieved and dazzled with happiness.

“Happy anniversary,” he said simply, into her crown of her hair, and Keyonna just wanted to bawl.

Oh Nick. I was so worried. I thought you forgot. I knew you had to be sick of the way I look. I’m so fat now. I can’t possibly compare to all those gorgeous girls who swarm around you and it’s so depressing.”

“Ah, piccino,” Nick breathed, cupping her face and drawing back to look into her eyes. “You are beautiful. And you’re certainly not fat. I love your curves; always have. And they’ve got that much juicier and sexier. How could you even think I wouldn’t absolutely love how you look carrying my child? My third child? Baby, I feel so special and blessed. Sometimes I don’t know what you’re doing with me. I don’t deserve such blessings.”

Keyonna sniffled, feeling silly and yet deeply mollified by his words. “So you think I’m still sexy?”

Nick growled in reply and nuzzled her throat. She shivered as he tugged her much closer against him, as close as her protruding belly would allow. “Tell me you haven’t forgotten how much we were at it for the last two pregnancies. Right up to the last few weeks prior to delivery,” rasped Nick, right before he spun her round to face the mirror standing in the foyer. He edged up snugly behind her and she quivered to feel him stiff and throbbing in between her ass cheeks. She stared into his eyes, and melted when she saw the emotion there. And the deep-seated lust.

He reached round to cup her breasts over their stretchy bodice. “You’re the sexiest woman alive to me right now. And always. You’re a wonderful mother, a hard-working homemaker, a focused career woman. As well as a sexy-as-hell wife. I ask myself how did I get so lucky that such a beautiful, intelligent and affectionate woman would still want to be with me after five years?”

“I have a couple of reasons,” Keyonna purred, her smile sultry as she turned in his arms and reached for his tie.

“A couple?” Nick queried with a cocked brow. Keyonna pouted and pulled off his tie before pushing off his jacket. His eyes darkened and she caught her breath. Her hot-ass husband had really got even hotter with the passing of the years. Hair as jet-black and wavy as ever, and not an inch of fat in sight. He still had those lean, mean Italian hips that looked so good in his dress pants which she was busy trying to get him out of.

“Hey wait a second,” Nick teased as Keyonna fumbled with his shirt buttons. “Whatever happened to romance? Don’t we get to have that delicious dinner I smell waiting in the kitchen?”

“Dinner can keep an hour or so. But this can’t,” Keyonna said breathlessly. Her lips reached up for his and he obliged her with a brief, bone melting kiss before pulling away. Keyonna let out whine of protest which died off when he took the next five seconds to discard the rest of his clothing down to his dark snug boxer briefs. Keyonna veritably cooed with glee and started ripping out of her dress and shoes.

“No wait,” Nick said, eyes twinkling. Keyonna paused, and he added thickly, “You, slower. I want to watch.”

Nick leaned forward and kissed on her lips with soft, wet swipes of tongue. “Every night while I was away I undressed you in my mind, thinking of how sexy I find the changes your body goes through at this point. It’s been two weeks, tesoro. I want to see your gorgeous body as it is now.”

Keyonna quivered at the black as night gleam in his eyes as he backed off to settle into the sofa, his gorgeously tanned and toned body spread out as he waited patiently for her next move.

Keyonna gulped, thinking of all those extra inches in her bust and hips she’d packed on in the last several days. Maybe it was just her imagination, but even her nipples seemed to have swelled in size, and were now darker and thicker and her boobs were fuller in readiness for lactation. In the heat of the moment she hadn’t thought twice about taking it all off but now that she was the center of attention and about to give her husband an impromptu strip tease, she was getting jitters.

Nick’s eyes narrowed in that panther-like look that had her inner thighs turning slippery with aching need. “Do it, Keyonna. For me.”

Okay, thought Keyonna with a shaky inner sigh. She was such a sucker for Nick’s commanding tone. He motioned for her to stand in the center of the room, and Keyonna moved as seductively as she could to the position he indicated. She could see his half-smile, and was encouraged by the warm humor flickering in his eyes just beyond the smoldering arousal.

Keyonna felt so wired up after weeks without getting any action, and now it was all she could do to stop from trembling. First, she kicked off her shoes, and then unzipped her dress before slowly pushing it off one shoulder and then the other. Inch by inch, she revealed the sexy lingerie she wore underneath, white satin edged with black lace and tiny black ribbons. She locked eyes with Nick and saw his grin widen. He nodded, and taking that as a cue that he liked what he was seeing so far, Keyonna reached behind to unclasp her bra. In moments she was tossing it aside, exposing her heavy tits, a generous size C cup now, with just a bit of droop under the newfound weight. Capped on each breasts was a coffee-colored areola the size of a silver dollar, the nipples sticking out at least a half-inch.

Keyonna reached up and cupped her breasts, squeezing them and closing her eyes briefly as she saw Nick lick his lips and mutter something low and sexy in Italian. Damn. She got wetter just thinking what the words meant. I can’t wait to taste them, he’d said.

Keyonna smiled, flicking her index finger over one nipple and then sticking the finger in her mouth, sucking sultrily on the digit. Nick shifted in the sofa, the bulge in his boxers looking more uncomfortable by the second. He let out a low groan as she slowly turned around, sliding her hands down the side of her body to where her dress lay half-way around her hips. Glancing back at him, she slid the dress the rest of the way down her round ass and shapely legs. She gave him a full view of the two perfectly smooth globes separated only by the thin strip of white thong. She could have sworn she heard a strangled breath coming from Nick’s direction.

Hiding a wicked smile, she pushed the thong down as well, making sure to let him get an eyeful of her puffy cunt lips which had already soaked her panties and now glistened as she bent at the waist to step out of the dress and thong. Her legs stayed spread for a few moments in that position, with her bent over while affording him a perfect view of her ass and pussy. She was smoothly shaken all over out of habit, except for the tiny dark triangle above her mound which Nick could view when she straightened and turned back round toward him. The point of the triangle went straight to the swollen nub of her clitoris, which peeked out of its hood as if begging for attention.

Keyonna found she was breathless by the time she met Nick’s eyes again. Hell, all that sexy stripping had got her even hornier. Her breasts felt heavier, her nipples tighter, and a pool of lust was settled firmly in between her generous thighs.

“Well?” Keyonna asked, cheeks flaming when he simply stared.

First, Nick drew in a long, ragged breath. “Keyonna, you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen. Don’t ever doubt that. And to make sure you don’t forget either, I’m going to make you cum twice before I even let myself inside you.”

Keyonna had to fight down a tremor of anticipation at Nick words, fire flaring through her core. Biting sensually on her bottom lip she walked over to where he sat, her eyes mischievous as she straddled him – somewhat clumsily due to her distended stomach. Once she was well situated, she wasted no time in grinding her pussy against the impressive bulge in his boxers.

“Hmmm nice. This would do quite well,” Keyonna purred, palms running up and down his broad, silky-haired chest.

Nick chuckled softly, and slid his hands up her bare thighs to caress her ass while their lips met once again in a kiss filled with passion and promise. He moved up to caress her back, drawing a moan from Keyonna as she ground more firmly back and forth in his laps. When he cupped a heavy breast in each hand, Keyonna felt an instant rush of liquid heat into her naked pussy.

“Oh. Oh.” Keyonna hunched her back, the kiss breaking as Nick began kissing on her throat. In no hurry at all, he trailed further down to kiss her ample cleavage, his hands making small circular motions over her flesh and nipples. Nick kissed and licked every inch of her breasts, and Keyonna could only twine her fingers in his hair and hold on for dear life as she keened with pleasure. His tongue had so far neglected her big round nipples, and they seemed to swell and throb all the more for this oversight.

“Nick. Please.” Keyonna threw her head back, pushing her breasts harder into his face. She was dying to tell him to attack her nipples; he had to know how tender and sensitive they got especially at this point in her pregnancy.

She heard a low rumble of delight spill from his mouth as she grazed the aching points over his lips by moving her full tits side to side before his face. When he licked lightly on her left nipple, Keyonna happily sighed in relief, all his teasing achieving the result of making her almost wild with need.

Round and round he swirled his tongue, smothering the distended nub with increased pressure and speed. Keyonna’s breath quickened in response, her hips rocking faster as he alternated from nipple to nipple, never letting her ease down from the mounting heat pooling in her core.

Keyonna was panting loudly by the time he was sucking hard at one nipple, his other hand kneading the other breast passionately. Keyonna cried out and crushed his face against her sensitive tits. “Oh fuck yes. Harder baby.”

Nick groaned, nursing more fiercely while massaging her heaving tits in both hands, rolling and pinching and fondling. Pelted with bliss, Keyonna bucked herself faster over his hard dick, the force of her desire rising to monumental heights just with Nick’s mouth latched over her nipple. Keyonna knew she was about to have one of those breast orgasms that made her head spin, and she didn’t try to hold back. It took Nick gently nipping at her nipples with his teeth as he suckled, to finally drive her over the edge.

Keyonna felt like she would faint when her climax hit. Nothing but Nick’s touch, his lips could have brought her to such a blinding finish. She undulated in a series of spasm, her whole being taken over by an invasion of exploding nerve cells. Keyonna shuddered as Nick gently pulled his mouth from her nipple. She collapsed against his chest, resting her head on his shoulder as she was left gasping. Whoa. Nick could still effortlessly make her cum so hard she saw stars. And from experience, she knew that this was just the beginning.

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