Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Three


This might be the single most reckless thing Anna had ever done in her life.

But there was something about Hawk Malone that intrigued her in ways she couldn’t even begin to fathom. Gorgeous blonde men like Hawk only existed in her fantasies and she’d never dreamed she’d have one to herself for real, even for one night.

She could still remember the incredulous look on the faces of Bertha, Janice and Rebecca as they’d watched her get herded out by Hawk. She almost couldn’t stop chuckling to herself.

But right now, this was no laughing matter.

He hadn’t even kissed her. Had barely touched her, and yet here she was, acting on impulse and following a stranger back to his place. He drove so fast he was barely within the speed limits, almost as if he wanted to get them there before she changed her mind. It looked like Hawk wasn’t much for small talk while he handled his powerful truck with ease through the night-swept roads.

Anna didn’t allow herself think much until they were finally at their destination. He stopped in front of the house and it was only then that he turned to her. She faced him with a somewhat nervous smile and had to whip in a breath at the look in his eyes. How could eyes so blue hold such heat, such flames? The confines of the truck suddenly felt stifling and her clothes felt like they were choking her. What was it about Hawk Malone that made her want to jump straight out of the truck and into his bed?

“You can still say no, babe,” he said softly, his hand lifting to sift through her long, wavy black hair. She closed her eyes at his touch, telling herself he was right and she could still make that call. But then she felt the tremor of arousal course through her body and she realized her treacherous hormones weren’t about to come to terms with saying “no” to Hawk.

“Tell me this isn’t what you really want and I’ll drive you straight home,” he continued in that gravel-crushingly deep voice, so soft she had to strain to hear him, “Because once we get inside...Anna, I’m going to find it very hard not to rip into you. You’re making me see red with the way I need you right now. It’s been a long while for me since I’ve been with a girl so just a little heads-up that there’ll be some serious hot sex. You and me. All night. I’m going to put my tongue in places you never even thought a man could reach. And then, I’ll slide so deep inside you, again and again, until I make sure you’ll still feel me the next morning. Last chance, babe. Yes or no?”

Goodness me, yes, Anna thought with an inner shiver at his stirring declaration. Staring deep into his eyes, she didn’t say a word but instead, combed her fingers into the back of his head and drew him down to her lips for a kiss.

Anna heard the hitch of his breath as her mouth connected with his. The first taste of him made her whimper in her throat with want. Shivering, she parted her lips beneath his and probed deep, inviting him to respond in turn. Hawk wasted no time, letting out a growl of heat as he wrapped his arms around her and his tongue around hers. Anna clutched handfuls of his shirt as his fiery reaction to her kiss made her senses reel. He tasted manly and sweet and dangerously sexy with those firm, silky lips of his and his fresh-hot tongue.

Hawk was gorgeous, sexy - a Marine, and could have been with any other girl tonight but he picked her.

She’d never felt so sexy or desired, and there was a boldness building up within her as her hand slid down his chest. Shocked by her audacity and yet unable to stop herself, she rested her hand on his thigh before surfing her fingers up to slide over his bulging crotch. Hawk’s sharp intake of breath only managed to spur her on as she firmly grasped his solid length through his jeans. She’d never felt anything so hard, thick and long. Her lips clung to his moistly as a shudder of arousal rippled through her frame. She heard him groan deeply as she squeezed on his erection.

His hand was slipping beneath the neckline of her dress and he cupped one full, lace-bound breast, rendering her breathless in the process. His hand felt huge grabbing on her tit and when he groped her roughly, she became aware that a flood had just invaded her panties.

“Not here,” he suddenly rasped.

Anna whimpered in protest as his fingers slipped from around her breast. He plucked at her lips hungrily one more time before slowly drawing away. With equal reluctance, Anna drew her hand from him. Anna licked her bottom lip sensually as she looked dreamily up into his narrowed blue gaze.

“Ah, babe...,” he said hoarsely in a way that made her belly squirm. “You don’t look at a man like that unless you want him to slam deep into you. Hard and fast. You don’t kiss him like the world’s about to end tomorrow and not expect him to pound your warm pussy the moment he gets the chance.”

Anna shivered as she realized that was exactly what she wanted. For Hawk to fuck her; to do it hard and fast and make her forget everything but the sensation of that thick long cock stretching her pussy like nothing and no one ever had.

“So what are we waiting for, handsome?”

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