Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Four


Somehow, they were inside his bedroom though now she couldn’t really tell exactly how they’d got there. Much of what had happened so far was a blur but with Hawk seizing her against him, things were beginning to happen in high definition.

Hawk grasped her shoulders, slanting his firm, curvy lips over hers and making her moan from the hot, sweet pressure. That bold, fresh taste of him hadn’t ebbed but only made her even hotter. Crushed so tightly to him, her breasts were pillowed against his hard chest and soon enough, her nipples started to tingle. There was his stirring manhood scorching her quivering core even through the clothes still between them, and the outline of his apparent girth made her head spin.

“Hold me,” Hawk said in a voice so hoarse it was unrecognizable. “Touch me.”

His command had her instinctively reaching for him. He certainly didn’t have to tell her twice. He’d taken off his suit jacket at some point and now he was still dressed in his polo shirt, a thin layer that hid none of his ripped muscles as she roved her hands experimentally over his top frame. Her hands traveled down his lower back to skim over his firm ass, and she whimpered with deep feminine approval of how he felt beneath her touch.

Rock. Hard. Every inch of him.

There was so much energy radiating from his tense body, and his muscles seemed to clench under her touch. He groaned as her fingers spread flat over his buttocks, digging into the flesh and luxuriating in the sensation of hard muscle beneath soft silk evident beneath his jeans. Stunned by how good it felt to explore him this way, she paused as she tried to catch her breath.

Aah babe, don’t stop,” growled Hawk as he nuzzled her arched neck.  “You don’t know what it does to me when you touch me like that. You blow my mind.”

Anna felt so helplessly aroused that she had to cling to him for support. She had no idea how to handle this big ball of fiery passion rolling right over her. Hawk sent a shiver down her spine as he laced his tongue with hers, giving her a sloppy, sexy and unchaste mouthful of lust.

“Get naked for me,” he husked, his lips feathering moistly over hers. “I need to see that hot body beneath your sexy little dress. It’s all I’ve been thinking about all night.”

Anna felt instant panic, but then pushed it aside. Hawk would be only the second man to ever see her naked and yet, she felt secure in his desire. She could tell he was on fire for her and she almost couldn’t wait to reveal all her secrets to his blue-eyed gaze. His fingers were already helping to draw down the zipper of her dress, pulling it all the way down to where it ended just above the cleft of her ample ass. Drawing back from him, all she needed to do was to wriggle her shoulders and then her hips to get the dress falling to pool at her feet.

Hawk’s gaze swept over her in her dark purple lace bra and panties. Anna knew she’d never consider giving up her day job to become a supermodel, but the way Hawk looked at her right then, she felt sexier than any of the women topping the current hottest women lists.

He drew her close with hands heavy and hot on her hips. “You...are...beautiful,” he said simply, eyes smoky with desire.

Anna bit on her bottom lip, cheeks warm with pleasure as she ducked her head shyly. She heard him chuckle softly as he reached round to undo her bra. Soon he was tossing it to meet her dress which she’d kicked aside. His breathing seemed to grow ragged as he took her swaying breasts in his hands. Anna felt his hands cover the full, aching mounds and she threw her head back in bliss. Why did his touch have to feel so amazing? He turned her breasts into a major erogenous zone just by fondling them, squeezing them together and teasing the nubby tips.

“I love your breasts,” he groaned, his touch growing rough as his breath quickened with need. Anna moaned loudly, her knees feeling shaky as her arousal levels hit the roof. He caught both nipples in his fingers and twisted, elongating the eraser-thick tits as he pulled on them hard. Anna was shivering so hard she thought she would faint. When Hawk lowered his head to press kisses all over the firm, rounded flesh, she called out his name.

His lips suddenly latched to a nipple and she felt her legs involuntarily start to buckle until he wrapped an arm around her waist to hold her up. His other hand quickly undid his jeans to free his erection, scooping it out into the open. And then he took hold of her wrist and urged her fingers down to his rigid cock.

Anna was virtually trembling when she found her hand could barely encompass the shaft of steel that was so hard for her. To her amazement, he lengthened and throbbed even more within her grip. Instinctively, she started to stroke his hard on and heard him groan deeply against her nipple as he jerked to her touch. He was all silk and strength, and for the first time she dared to look down to gaze at the meaty pipe of steel she held in her hand.

Oh my goodness he’s huge, thought Anna in half-panic, half-lust. Actually looking at it gave her more of an idea of what impact such a cock could make on her somewhat unused vagina muscles. Anna trembled with carnal greed at the thought of having this all to herself tonight.

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