Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Five


Anna finally looked up when she felt his mouth lift from her breast for a moment. He held her gaze and he had a lazy, slow smile on his face that spelled sex like nothing else could. “I’m not going to hurt you, babe,” he reassured her, correctly sensing her hidden unease regarding his size. “I only aim to give you pleasure.”

Oh please, yes, thought Anna while growing moister and moister from his words. The look of utter, carnal admiration in his eyes made her pussy folds ripple. Endorphins quickened through her brain, before moving in concentric circles all over her quivering body. She was a mass of shivers and moans from the way he went back to engaging himself with hungrily fondling and suckling on her breasts.

Still holding on tight to his cock, Anna slid her thumb over the drops of precum spilling from his slit, and pumped on him firmly and with more passion. Hawk swore roughly under his breath and tightened his grip on her breast. Anna could feel him shudder and was thrilled that she could affect him this way. She’d never thought she had the skill or audacity to get such a reaction from a man as blindingly gorgeous as Hawk.

He pulled his mouth from her aching breast and followed a hot, scorching trail down her belly. Sinking to his knees, he planted his lips over the triangular patch covering her sex and just inhaled.

“Damn, woman. That pussy smells so divine that I can’t wait to eat you. I’m going to make you cum on my tongue.”

He looked up at her with those sizzling blue eyes and Anna could only lick on her parched lips and nod. In the many years, she’d dated Aaron he’d never offered to do that. She steadied herself with her hands on his shoulders as he slowly rolled down her flimsy panties, tugging them off one ankle and then the other as she lifted them helpfully.  He took one last, long sniff at her panties which he placed against his face, closing his eyes for a few moments in masculine delight. Anna went so pink her face felt like it was on fire.

“So, so wet for me. And so sweet,” Hawk mumbled, in between pushing her legs apart and laying his tongue upon her tingling sex. Anna winced as if in pain, her fingers clutching at his blonde locks and she felt polka-dots begin to emerge in her vision. His fingers reached to spread her folds to give him perfect access to her pink wetness beneath. He guzzled upon her juices and Anna just...melted. Her thighs were shivery and her breasts swung as she coiled forward with a loud cry.

He didn’t pause in his act of driving her insane. His expert tongue brush-stroked over her slit and then jabbed, fucking in and out of her pussy like his cock would undoubtedly soon be doing. Hawk’s promise to have her coming was fulfilled sooner than Anna could have dreamed. All at once, he got two fingers slick from the moisture seeping around her slit. And then he plunged in, probing deep and making her gasp. The thumb of that same hand easily reached for her swollen, erect clit, and rubbed firmly. The circular motion sent pleasure vibrating around her belly.

“Oh, Hawk!” she cried, dazed at the pressure building inside her as his fingers hooked upon something deep and powerful inside her. It was like a spring holding her ultimate bliss, and Hawk effortlessly released it. Placing his mouth on her clit and alternately sucking and lapping, he shoved his fingers repeatedly in and out of her cunt until the air rushed out of her body in one long, shuddery gasp.

Anna didn’t even know she was climaxing until after he caught her easily in his arms as her legs collapsed. Her whole body was spasming as he lowered her to the floor beneath him, his tongue still buried in her pussy. Deep, loud moans tore from her throat as she felt him lap at her pulsing core. His own rough sounds of delight made her suddenly realize he was feasting upon every drop her orgasm produced. Dazed, Anna could only lay there as the most incredible sensations filled her helpless frame from head to toe.

Her body was still moving in small, reflexive jerks moments later, as he licked the final traces of juice from her pussy. Anna had to force her eyes to focus when Hawk began to kiss his way back up her trembling frame. His body was now half-covering hers and she became conscious of that large tube of steel rubbing over her belly. Hawk kissed her lips, transmitting the sexy taste of her essences into her mouth.

Anna moaned and deepened the kiss, her hands cupping his jaw. Suddenly, a rush of need overcame her and she discovered the only thing that was missing. Opening her eyes to meet the tortured agony of desire she found in his, she told him softly yet clearly what she knew he needed to hear.

“Fuck me, Hawk. I need your cock deep inside me now.”

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