Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Six


He made her feel so beautiful. Sexy, desired. He pushed her thighs far apart with hands gripping her flesh so tight she winced. His cock looked so huge and ready for rampage. His eyes held hers for a moment and she read the reassurance that warned her he would pleasure her with full measures. And yet, Anna knew he’d be careful and take it slow. Make her adjust gradually to him and then, once he felt the muscles within begin to ripple with ecstasy around his shaft, he’ll take her beyond the stars.

There, on the floor, Hawk settled between her spread knees. Fisting the base of his cock, he teased her swollen, soft and soaked slit with his broad tip. They both moaned at the sensation, Anna’s hips bucking involuntarily upwards to meet him. Balancing on his knees, Hawk began to inch himself bit by bit into that tight, spongy glove of pleasure.

Anna stared down as if mesmerized at the wildly erotic visual of Hawk’s cock parting her pussy lips for his invasion. He probed her inner walls shallowly and it already felt so good she was shivering with bliss. Her wetness welcomed him, helping him slide in almost halfway with his first powerful thrust. With each successive stroke of his magnificently hard cock, he skated deeper and deeper inside her walls.

There was no way Anna could hold back the sounds tripping from her wide open mouth. By the time Hawk was fully embedded within her pussy, she was stretched to the max and already her cunt was twitching with greed to accommodate all of him.

“You feel so fucking good, Anna,” Hawk groaned, staring deep into her eyes as his pace grew faster, more demanding. “I’m not sure how long I can hold back.”

“Me too,” Anna confessed breathlessly. Nothing she’d ever experienced sexually came close to this. It was like she was having sex for the first time. He was rocking against every corner of her pussy and even beyond. Each power-driven thrust seemed to jumble her belly, and Anna grew almost hysterical with ecstasy. He all but leveled her senses with the way he built up a steady, measured tempo that was designed to bring them both to an explosive finish.

“You ready, baby?” Hawk growled, his hands holding her knees wide apart as he moved his hips like a piston. Every inch of his tool was used to bring her delirious delight, and each sensation of his cock slamming into her pussy made everything within her pulsate.

“Yes, Hawk, I’m ready,” she told him in between her sighs and moans. Her pussy was flexing involuntarily around his plunging cock, and they kept their gazes locked on each other as the flames of passion rose and billowed around them. Anna was blown away by that cock skillfully implemented in ways she’d never imagined; Hawk’s sexual precision had an almost martial quality as he fucked her hard and deep.

“Do it baby; come for me,” he suddenly said, pushing her knees back against her chest and pounding at just the perfect angle to bring a scream of amazed pleasure from her lips. Anna exploded, her cunt gripping tightly on his dick as her orgasm sent her reeling in space. She vaguely heard his guttural groan as his hips ground against her. He too was coming, and the intensity of their jointed climax almost made Anna black out.

His thick cock twitched and heaved within her for a long time as he slumped over her limp, shivering body. He kissed her mouth, and whispered gently to her, told her how good it had been – perfect even. Her strong and virile lover finally slid out of her and carried her to lie on the sheets. Anna felt a sigh of utter contentment echo within her as Hawk soon joined her. She willingly dissolved into his arms as he pulled her close, his hands smoothing over her hair as he urged her to rest from the journey of bliss they’d just taken.

But then Anna realized she was far from done with the rapture her Marine lover invoked in her. The moment she stirred just minutes later and felt his granite-hard frame surrounding her, she went moist all over again. Pressing hungry lips to his throat which was just inches away, her hand sought the ridge of meaty steel at his groin.

Hearing his deep groan, she looked up quickly at his face to find him looking at her with passionate heat. It was then she discovered he’d almost immediately been hard and hungry again for her already. This knowledge sent the shaft of sensuous delight through her veins.

“Can’t get enough of you babe,” Hawk rasped, swinging her by the waist to straddle him as he lay back on the pillows. Anna gasped, her hands braced on his naked chest as her knees hugged his lean, muscular hips. She felt his powerful erection just inches from her achingly swollen cunt and knew she was eager to claim her pleasure from her equally insatiable lover.

“And this time, I’ll make it last even longer,” her stud promised with hot, feral intent. It was a thrilling promise he would fulfill many times before the night was through.

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