Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Seven


No no no.

Hawk woke up and Anna was gone. Shit! He thought rising from the tousled sheets and rolling off the bed. The sun was spilling into the room, and he didn’t need to look around to know that he was alone.

Hawk shoved hands through his hair, thinking of every moment of red-hot passion he’d shared with the hottest woman he’d ever met.

Seducing Anna Jackson had not been part of the game plan. Hawk knew he’d strayed far from what had been a simple, straight-forward strategy. And now she was gone before he’d had the chance to speak his mind. Damn and double damn!

Lost in his self-directed anger, he almost missed sight of a scrap of lace peeking from behind a chair in the corner. He reached down and retrieved Anna’s sexy little panties. Unable to resist, he took a whiff and was transported back over the last several hours of steamy sex so good is should be made a crime.

Anna had turned out differently from what he’d expected or dreamed. And though she’d made a fast getaway, he knew he was going to get her back. Whether on the field of action or in everyday life, losing was never in the mindset of Hawkins Malone.

And his quest for the surprisingly hot, beautiful and desirable Anna Jackson had just begun.

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