Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Eight


Anna couldn’t stop thinking about and reliving every moment of the night before. Hawk sliding into her from behind had given Anna a true taste of absolute fullness.

“Damn babe,” growled Hawk, straining his narrow hips against her ass as he sank his thick long cock to the hilt. Anna gasped. Face down, ass in the air...she had the sensation of her pussy being wedged tight by Hawk’s immense, granite-hard cock. It felt so, so good. The edge of pain that came from the agonizing depth of his penetration could not detract from the bliss her vagina was experiencing.

This, she discovered, was sex.

All of it; everything she’d shared with Hawk from the second she’d walked out of the bar with him...showed her the truth about what a real man could bring a woman to feel. And her whole body was feeling him right then.

“Why’d you have to be so tight...and sweet?” Hawk groaned, his hands gripping her waist hard. Hissing in a breath, he shoved into her, hitting a far-flung spot that got Anna crying out with pleasure.

Her teeth sank into the pillow upon which her cheek rested, and she was too intent on enjoying every ounce of pleasure from his steel-like stem to give a coherent reply to his evidently rhetoric question.

“I can go really slow, babe,” he continued, and truly he began to grind in and out of her at the speed of an oil-well pump, edging out to the tip and then inching back in to the brim. It was so carnal, so delicious, that Anna could not help but wriggle her ass in sensual delight.

His fingers dug tighter into her flesh as her curvy globes rocked against him. His next words were all but gritted out with reined-in tension as he added, “Or I could do this.”

Holy cow, Anna thought, her head jerking off the pillow as Hawk began to jackhammer into her. His thrusts were almost punishing but they got the desired effect – they drove her wild.

Fuck fuck fuck she couldn’t stop screaming!

This was hot, hard sex and Anna couldn’t help but twist round to grip his narrow hip as his movements blurred into each other. She’d never dreamed anyone could fuck at such fast pace and for such a steady period. On and on he pounded, slamming into her ass and making the room fill up with the lewd smacking sounds.

He invaded her deepest depths with that cock and had her speaking in tongues. She could hear herself making sounds but she knew they made zero sense. The ultimate sensation of being ravaged by a skilled, lustful lover was enough to send any girl into orbit. And for a girl like her who’d never had sex this good, it was like the icing on the cake on an already perfect night.

Dazed with ecstasy, she arched her spine in response to Hawk’s fingers suddenly pulling on her long hair. She soon had him leaning close against her back as his hips moved in that unbroken, drill-like speed.

He was groaning, his free hand cupping one swaying breast as he placed his lips close to her ear. “Too deep? Or do you want more? Tell me, Anna. I can give you whatever you want.”

“Oh yes, more. Please,” Anna pleaded, turning her face and trying to meet his lips in a kiss.

She whimpered when he instantly obliged, capturing her mouth while slipping his hand from fondling her tit to touch between her legs. She was gasping into his lips when she felt his fingers twiddle her hot button at the same time that he was slamming into her pussy farther than ever before. Hawk picked that same moment to rub harder on her clit and the whole combination had her shattering to smithereens.

“Anna!” Hawk roared, his thick long shaft detonating as her tight heat rippled around him.

Her orgasm set off his own release, which had him thrusting into her rampage-style. The loud noises of sex and passion made it sound like they were having a flipping orgy and not just a raunchy twosome. The squelch of cock within her ultra-moist walls laid proof to the fact that Anna had enjoyed every second of Hawk’s doggie-style invasion. She would never have dreamed being able to survive taking him so deep, and she her body would pay for it by morning...but she didn’t care. This was one hardcore session with her Marine lover that she wouldn’t have wanted to miss for the world.

“Damn! Babe,” Hawk swore hoarsely, leaning over her bowed back for a moment as, still hard and deep inside her, he heaved in steadying breaths.

Anna chuckled shakily, her whole body still ablaze from being taken so powerfully by him. She bit on her lip in regret as he finally eased out of her.

Hawk promptly pulled her down with him. It warmed her how he liked that bit of closeness immediately after sex. Her ex couldn’t wait to run off to the bathroom to clean up, leaving her feeling strangely unloved so soon after the act of copulation had occurred. But her tough lover Hawk liked to cuddle and he was holding her tightly, her back spooned against his chest as he laughed softly in her ear.

“You sure turned out to be full of surprises, Anna,” he murmured with unhidden delight, making her glad he couldn’t see her face which she now ducked into the pillow. He snuggled closer and she could hear his breathing growing deeper, steadier, as sleep overtook him.

Finally letting herself relax against his rock-solid frame, Anna dreamily confirmed to herself that Hawk was right. She’d also certainly surprised herself.

And right now, even a whole day later, she still couldn’t believe she’d acted so unlike her normal self. From letting the stranger who called himself Hawk lead her away from her letting him dance slow and sexy with her...and then to finally tumbling into his bed...It was nothing like she’d ever let herself experience before.

But she was glad she had. She’d needed it – in many ways.

The hot sex, the feeling of companionship even for a few stolen hours...oh, she’d definitely wanted it too. And when the morning came; when she quietly unhooked herself from his embrace, Anna had dressed while looking with longing at the man lying sleeping in bed.

Anna knew he could never be hers. She knew this was nothing more than shameless lust for him. And for some reason, it didn’t matter. Not when she had used it to serve the same purpose.

Sex for sex’s sake. Nothing more.

Because men like Hawk Malone didn’t fall for women like her. She couldn’t even keep her lazy ass fiancée, so what chance did she have keeping the interest of someone like Hawk? No; it was better this way.

That’s why she left before he woke up; to save him the awkwardness of having to kick her out or make his gentlemanly excuses. She didn’t want to remember the morning-after that way. She wanted to remember it with the last glimpse of his gorgeous, sleeping face; the edges smoothed out by rest and giving him an almost boyish expression.

After resisting the urge to kiss him, she had reached for her discarded panties, intending to stick them into her purse. But something made her leave them where they were, just behind the front leg of the chair.

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