Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Thirteen


The last person Hawk expected to see when he opened the front door was Anna.

To his surprise, she shrugged her way in, and he was still too amazed to say much. Amazed, but happy. He didn’t know what was going on but one thing was for sure, she looked like she was spoiling for a fight.

“Hey babe,” he said huskily, drinking in how good she looked in that flouncy skirt and boots, her top and sweater molding lovingly to her ample curves. Thinking how it was just hours she’d spent the night with him in this same home was enough to give him ideas. Ideas he’d been half-convinced he should not continue to nurse in her regard.

“Don’t call me babe,” she gritted out, hands fisted on her hips. “I know all about Bertha putting you up to flirting with me. Making me feel happy and oh-so-attractive after my break-up.”

Oh, shit, not now, Hawk thought somewhat despairingly. This wasn’t exactly the way he’d expected the news to get broken to her. And it was certainly the worst of times. He barely had two hours to report to base; his commander had just called them in for a tactical mission about to go down. He’d already had a bag packed and should be on his way but not with Anna looking spitting mad at him right then.

“Who told you? Bertha?” he asked quietly, in the hope of calming her down.

“She let something slip and I found out the rest from another friend that was there that night,” Anna said furiously. “I can’t believe I didn’t see right through your act! All that romantic dancing, staring into my eyes like I was the only girl in the room...”

“You were,” Hawk said softly, taking her hand in a firm grip as he looked down into her scowling face. “I walked in that night and forgot everything else but you. Anna...”

“Oh god I feel like such an idiot!” she cried, snatching her wrist from his hold. “I should have known it was too good to be true. You were too good to be true. Nothing about last night was real, was it? It was all just some kind of morale-boost for poor little me. I guess I should be glad I got a hot night of sex from it.”

Hawk sighed angrily. “Look Anna, I’m sorry. Okay? I’m sorry I ever got mixed up in Bertha’s silly scheme. I guess I started out doing it for a laugh. Helping a best friend’s sister out with her best friend. I never dreamed I’d start to get in deeper than I planned.”

“You can say that again,” Anna muttered, laughing with self-derision. “You got in deep all right. I mean, I practically just fell into your web like the idiot I am. You fed me the words I wanted to touched me just the right way, and I foolishly believed you. I believed everything you said to me.”

Hawk was finding it harder to rein in his temper. “Stop, Anna. Please. You know it was just a harmless –“

“Harmless? You jerk,” Anna breathed, obviously fighting back tears. “I let you take me home...I let you fuck me more times than I could count in one night – and none of that would ever have happened if you weren’t set up to play fake admirer with me. Do you know how that makes me feel? Oh God I really, really hate you right now, Hawkins Malone for - ”

Hawk didn’t let her finish. He moved so fast she didn’t have time to even blink. She was backed up against the wall so hard the breath was knocked out from her. Before she could thump at him with her fists, he lifted them high above her head. And then he kissed her. Swooped down for a deep, searching kiss that gave her no room for denial.

She struggled for some moments but then he managed to slip past her defenses with his hot, seeking tongue. He groaned into her soft, giving lips, feeling her body’s curves push against him as she fought not to respond. Tried to turn her face away but Hawk slanted his head to capture her deliciously swollen mouth again and again.

She was melting; he could feel it. Unwillingly, true; but she wasn’t struggling so hard against him. Keeping one hand wrapped around both her wrists, he slipped his free hand down her back to cup her ass, shoving her tightly into his full length.

“You feel that, babe?” he rasped, grinding his lower body into her as he kept her pinned against him. His erection was already thick and hard as a plank. “Could I fake that? Or this?”

She was staring widely up at him as he released her hands, guiding one to his shirted chest where his heart beat somewhat wildly. He saw her lick her bruised-looking lower lip, and he let out a low growl, a pulse ticking in his chiseled jaw as he looked down into her face with his eyes blazing. “Just don’t pretend you don’t know what you do to me. Anna, you’re a beautiful, sexy-ass woman. How can you even doubt that I’m attracted to you?”

“It doesn’t matter,” she said, her eyes defiant as she shook her head at him. “I don’t...”

“What, Anna? Say it. You don’t want me? Or that you’re too mad at me to let me take you right here, right now? Because I know that’s exactly what you want me to do,” Hawk said hardily, his gaze sweeping over her face, neck and chest. “Your breasts feel heavy right now, don’t they? They want me to grab them, take them in my mouth one by one. And your’s already as wet for me as it was all through last night. Want me to check and prove myself right?”

“No, Hawk...stop...”

“Ah, have to sound more convincing than that,” he rumbled, ignoring her soft words. Keeping her back wedged against the wall, he reached right under her skirt for her panties, and yanked.

He heard her gasp of surprise and arousal. Her panties were now nothing more than tatters which he flung aside.

Sure enough, his fingers soon probed between her trembling thighs and found her folds soaked and soft with need. He leaned close to pluck at her tantalizing lips, stroking on her clit and making a moan spill out of her throat.

“This feels so real, babe,” he told her, sliding two fingers up her slippery pussy, his booted foot kicking her legs further apart. She was clutching his shirt and staring at him partly with anger, partly with dark, molten lust. He finger-fucked her deep, filling the hallway with sounds of her honey-slick wetness.

“And this...” ‘This’ was his mouth kissing her; hot stinging kisses. He heard her low whimpers as she threw her head back when he began to trail his mouth hungrily down her neck. Her scent and taste maddened him; made him lose his hold on reality for a second.

“Damn, I need you so bad. I’ve got to have you. Or I’ll lose my fucking mind.” Hawk freed his cock with one hand while the other didn’t stop finger-shafting her deliciously tight and wet pussy.

Fuck! It felt so good jabbing into that slick cunt. But now he wanted to plant more of himself into her than just his fingers. Lifting one of her legs to wrap around his waist, he pushed her skirt higher. She held on tight to his shoulders, bracing herself against the wall as he slipped his fingers out of her to guide the tip of his cock to her entrance.

Hawk got his tip coated in the wetness at her slit, his gaze fastened on her flushed, beautiful face. Her eyes were heavy-lidded, almost shutting as she groaned each time he rubbed his crown back and forth along her opening. Hawk knew he couldn’t keep tormenting her – and himself. He was ready to rip right into her and yet, he wanted something more.

“Look at me, babe. Open your eyes,” he commanded, and saw the bright orbs snap open. Satisfied, he hefted her leg higher up his waist and then probed her pussy with his cock. He kept his eyes pinned on her face, not wanting to miss any expression as he slipped just inside the entrance of her juicy-wet cunt. And then, with a forceful thrust, he plunged deep inside her.

Anna was so wet that he sunk in more than halfway with his granite hard cock. So hot, so fucking sweet. Anna felt so good the way she gripped on his cock, her body shuddering as with a second stroke, he rammed in as far as he could go. Nothing but his balls remained outside her pussy and he watched as her pupils dilated, her mouth parting in a soundless “O” as she stared into his gaze.

He could feel her fingers fisting up small tufts of his short hair, tugging hard, making his scalp tingle. He drew back right to the tip of his cock and then lunged in once more. This time she cried out his name. And didn’t seem ready to stop. Quickly, he seized her mouth with his and then locked both her legs around his waist as he held her up against the wall and drove in.

His cock had never felt so hard; it almost ached. Her vaginal walls were so snug and yet spongy that each time he drew out it was like hell because he couldn’t wait to slam back in again. He never wanted to stop; never wanted it to end but he sensed he was too close. They both were.

Anna was panting against Hawk’s roughly kissing mouth, and was moving her hips in that frenzied way that told him she was deriving maximum pleasure from the act. His upward strokes grew harder, went deeper till he felt sure he was pounding her cervix. She tore her mouth from his and her head fell back against the wall as she cried out in ecstasy. He buried his face in her neck and lost himself in being lost in her.

Again and again he virtually hammered her, speeding faster as he reached closer to his goal. With a swing of his hips, he angled his cock repeatedly up against her g-spot and was rewarded with a shrill, long-drawn out cry from her lips. Anna was coming, her labia and her walls swelling and convulsing to engulf his pumping cock. His orgasm followed almost instantly, his fingers cupping her ass tight while her legs stayed wrapped tight around his middle.

Hawk slid in as deep as he could go and then held himself tightly sheathed within her walls, hardly moving as his cock pulsed and ejected with cum. Anna’s whole body kept spasming, so he lifted his face from her neck and sought her lips, hungry as ever for her moist sweet tongue. He sucked it in his mouth even as he filled her with ropes of cum. His body shuddered with the force of his release, and already Hawk was thinking how hard it was going to be to leave for his latest assignment after having this red-hot taste of her bounty.

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