Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Fourteen


Hawk was exploding deep inside her. Anna could feel the heat flood her like a wave as he stayed jammed tight within her spasming walls. She clung fiercely to his shoulders, and just held on. She too, was still lost in the haze of her recent mind-blowing orgasm. She knew that if he let her go right then she knew she’d crumple to the floor.

But Hawk didn’t let her go. His powerful arms felt as good around her as his thick, still-hard cock which remained buried far up her pussy. His mouth clung wetly to hers, and she reveled in his possessively searing kiss that took saliva-swapping to another level. She moaned deeply, her back leaning against the wall as her ass was groped in his big strong hands.

Finally, Hawk broke his lips away and she lifted heavy eyelids to look into his handsome face, a light sheen of sweat on his forehead. Anna heard his harsh, low breathing and saw how much he was trying to regain the control he’d lost in the last several minutes.

It almost didn’t seem possible that it was less than half an hour since she’d walked in here spouting her wrath at him. She’d been so mad she’d felt she couldn’t stand him touching her again.

But she’d been wrong, so wrong. Within ten minutes of her arrival, he was shoving her against the wall and taking her so hard her legs still felt wobbly.

Hot damn!

It had been hard and fast and the hottest sex ever.

Mixed in with all the friction of being mad at him, it had proved a potent combination. Helpless to fight her own powerfully surging lusts, she’d let him have his way. She’d felt no more than a weightless doll, carried and then impaled upon that devastatingly thick and powerful cock of his.

The atmosphere had been charged with tension, heat and undeniable passions. And as he slowly, gently released her legs and let her slide down his body to plant her feet on the floor, she felt reality dawning. Hawk kept a steadying hold on her waist and didn’t let go till her strength alone was able to keep her upright.

He rested his forehead against hers and Anna closed her eyes, praying for the strength to do what she needed to do next. But before she could speak, Hawk broke the silence first.

“I have to go,” he said quietly, wincing for a moment.

Anna felt a fist of pain clench around her heart. It had been the exact words she’d been about to say – and yet it gave her a perverse pain that he’d beaten her to it.

“I understand,” she said very calmly, righting her clothes as best as she could.

“No you don’t,” he said with a heavy sigh, backing up and doing up his pants as he stared down into her deliberately expressionless face. “I have to leave...on assignment. My team’s been called in and now I have less than an hour to get there. I can make it if I leave now. But when I get back...”

Anna was shaking her head. “It’s okay, soldier. You don’t have to make me any promises,” she told him quietly, pushing her fingers back through her hair. “I didn’t come here for that. I guess you gave me exactly what I came for so maybe I should say thanks.”

She smiled brightly at his narrowed expression. “Because that’s all it is, Hawk. It’s nice to know you’re always good for a pity-fuck whenever I need it.”

Moving closer to his rigid frame, she cupped his cheeks in both hands. “No harm, no foul, soldier. Last night...and even just now – it’s exactly what I needed. But you don’t need to go thinking I’m looking for something more, because I’m not. You go on what you need to do. I know how being a Marine works; and that you can’t tell me where you’re going or exactly how long you’ll be. So I won’t ask. But whenever you’re back in town, handsome...maybe, just maybe I’ll be up for another roll.”

Smiling seductively, she plucked at his lips, closing her eyes briefly and trying hard not to whimper as heat from his mouth transmitted straight to her. He was staring straight into her eyes when she pulled back seconds later, and she added with a wry smile, “But don’t count on it.”

She found she could move to the door without staggering in her boots, and was glad when he didn’t try to stop her. She swung the door open and then before she left she turned to say finally, “Be safe.”

One last smile, and Anna felt she could leave - perhaps with her dignity intact but the rest of her...not so much.

“Anna...,” she heard Hawk say with a deep, ragged sigh, but she didn’t respond, shutting the door behind her without a backward glance.

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