Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Seventeen


Hawk saw the unmistakable figure emerge from the side door across the room and felt a huge grin split his face. He’d recognize that sexy sway anywhere. His hungry eyes drank in her lush beauty evident in the skin-tight dress she was squeezed in.

Any other woman couldn’t have pulled off such a look the way Anna did: with class and poise. And those shoes...fuck him. He could just imagine bending her over with nothing but those killer heels on, and giving it to her just the way she liked. But not before he sank his face deep into the globes of her juicy ass and buried his tongue in her sweet-tasty pussy.

“Whoa, Anna certainly looks different,” Marcus commented from beside him.

Hawk blinked, but didn’t tear his eyes from Anna who was far across the crowded bar. Many male eyes followed her with unhidden interest as she started walking over to the corner table where a young-looking guy in a suit turned and smiled admiringly when he noticed Anna’s appearance.

“She looks hot,” Marcus added, unaware of the furious scowl that now settled over Hawk’s brow at the sight of Anna sitting next to that pompous-looking savvy type guy who promptly moved in to whisper something in Anna’s ear that made her throw her head back and laugh out loud.

“I mean, I don’t mean to sound surprised – I’ve always thought she was beautiful, but damn – she’s really started to bring her sexy back. Now I can see why you’re so crazy about her,” teased Marcus, who sobered when he glanced at the silent Hawk and saw his thunderous expression.

Returning to his perusal of Anna, Marcus noticed that now, her blonde-haired companion was putting an arm around her waist so that each time he bent to say something in her ear, their bodies touched at the sides. By the time he was making his last comment, the guy didn’t even bother to move away but stayed pressed up against her.

“Damn!” Hawk growled, the music starting to pound distantly in his ears.

He came here tonight with the full intention of seeing Anna – Marcus had to wring his sister’s arm to find out where the girls would be hanging out tonight. At that moment Bertha could be seen dancing gaily with her own boyfriend on the dance floor while Janice and her heavily tattooed beau sat at another table.

They waved to them when they noticed Marcus and Hawk standing just inside the entrance of the club. They’d arrived just ten minute ago and Hawk had been busy seeking Anna out before she’d returned and headed straight for her companion.

“What the hell does she think she’s doing?” Hawk snapped more to himself, watching as Anna’s companion lifted her to her feet along with him and tugged her against his body. She threw her head back and laughed as her touchy-feely pal bent to nuzzle the back of her ear as if to inhale her scent.

“Having fun, bro,” Marcus said in reply to Hawk’s last question, holding back a chuckle as he saw Hawk’s face grow darker with fury.

“Aw, hell no,” Hawk snarled, unable to tear his eyes from that suit-wearing fool wrapping an arm around his woman’s waist. Funny how Hawk would consider Anna as his but damn it, she was. He just hadn’t been good at showing her that yet. But he swore he was about to change that.

“I’ve got to go over there before he does something stupid,” Hawk said with anger, and felt Marcus’s restraining hand on his arm.

“Like what, man? It’s obvious they’re together. Or at least, together right now. Look, we came here to relax,” Marcus said sensibly, managing to hide the fact that he was enjoying Hawk’s evident anger. “Anna hasn’t heard from you in more than a week – are you really just going to just go over there and get in between her and her date?”

“Yes, I am,” Hawk said in a voice that was no more than a growl, shoving the beer in his hand into Marcus’s chest as Marcus grabbed it, a worried look mixed in with a humorous smile.

But he didn’t try to stop Hawk this time as his friend moved in between the crowd of other revelers and headed straight for the couple standing close across the room.

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