Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Five


Cane stepped out on the balcony his room shared with Alexandra’s, doing some last checks and catching the soft breeze. He found himself looking to the side at Alexandra’s windows - when he noticed her walk into her room and turn on the lights.

Outside was dark so he was sure she couldn’t see him. Cane paused as he realized he had a clear view through the big windows thanks to the open blinds. How many times had he warned her about closing the fucking blinds?

He bit down an angry sigh as she walked into her bathroom and he could hear sounds of her turning on the shower. Then she returned to the bedroom, sat in front of her dressing mirror and was soon taking off her jewelry.

Cane was about to walk back into his room when Alexandra stood, quickly unbuttoned her white jeans and wriggled out of the clinging fabric.

Suddenly, Cane’s brain misted over.

Alexandra was facing the mirror with her back to him which gave him the perfect view of her ass bared by the skimpy white lacy thong. Her fleshy orbs were ripe and smooth, and the most rounded bottom he’d ever seen. She kicked the jeans off her feet carelessly as she tugged her white shirt over her head. He had a glimpse of her incredibly tiny waist and a hint of side boob as she tossed the shirt on a nearby chair.

Fuck and double fuck! Cane knew he should move, walk away from the sight of Alexandra in just her bra and panties as she gathered up her springy curls into a band at the top of her crown. But Cane found himself rooted to the spot. This woman with the sexiest body he’d ever seen was no more than thirty feet away and giving him the most painful hard-on he’d ever had. Shit! She had flawlessly even-toned café au lait skin and the figure of a goddess; ample curves where he liked them yet slender in the middle coupled with long, toned legs he was twitching to place on either side of his head as he...

Something moved in the corner of his eye. Cane’s head snapped around but he could hardly see a thing. He swore under his breath; here he was acting like a rookie by staring into a lit room from his dark position which made it harder for his vision to adjust as he scanned the quiet, dim grounds around him. His mind raced.

Not wasting time to think further, he slammed a fist on the panic button just inside his room. And then he swiftly swung over the partition between their balconies and sped into Alexandra’s bedroom through her balcony entrance. His shoes made his movements silent and the young woman only became aware of him when he gripped her from behind, wrapping an arm around her waist as he swiftly backed her into the bathroom with him.

Cane could feel her body go rigid in shock at this sudden invasion. Before she could speak or let out a scream, Cane closed his hand over her mouth while he kept his ears trained for any sound from outside. What he didn’t see coming was Alexandra turning the hell cat on him, twisting her body and ramming her elbow into his side. Normally a woman landing him with a body blow wouldn’t rattle him for even a moment – but as luck would have it she caught him just on the almost-healed injury still covered with stitches.

Cane’s teeth gritted as he felt it split, and just for the one second that he released his hold, she shoved off him and made a run for it. He could hear her scream beginning to form and he swore, lunging forward and catching her before she could get past two feet. The sharp bite in his side didn’t slow him down as he was able to catch hold of her hair and pull her back with enough force to have her freezing from the sudden pain. Her legs were trailing forward in front of her as he drew her upper body back towards him into the now steam-filled bathroom.

The running shower got even the tiles slippery, so when Alexandra’s frame connected heavily with his it got Cane losing his balance as they both fell backwards into the open shower with her on top of him.

They landed in a heap on the shower floor and Cane felt another stinging pinch in his side impact as they both hit the floor of the shower. Unable to hold off another bout of swearing, he quickly placed his hand over her mouth again and whispered in her ear through gritted teeth, “It’s me, Cane your fucking bodyguard! Now shut it, there’s an intruder outside – “ 

He let out a muttered curse as she actually had the audacity to bite his flipping hand. But still he could feel her body go limp as she calmed down. Cane strained his ears to listen above all that falling water even as he suddenly became aware that Alexandra’s underwear had become transparent.

He glanced down at her whole body stretched out atop him, and he could clearly see the shape and color of her areolas and the shadowy, plump patch beneath her panties. With all that water rushing down on them, they were both getting soaked to the skin and with her spine pressing into his chest and her ass against his groin, there was no way he could conceal his erection. She had to feel that rigid stalk prodding her in the back and Cane swore to himself at his lack of self-control.

The next moment, he heard one of the house security calling from the next room. Cane quickly yelled back that they were okay and that he was here with Alexandra.

It was only then that Cane put Alexandra from him before helping them both to their feet. She snatched her hands from his immediately and stalked out of the slippery, steam filled bathroom as she quickly shrugged into a robe before the other guards could come in.

Cane could hear Marcus enter the bedroom and Cane shook his head as Alexandra immediately began to rave about the crazy bodyguard who nearly had her killed and so on. Cane straightened only to feel the stitches beginning to open up further, so he leaned back against the wall and simply turned off the water. He could hear Alexandra going on and on in her rant about how she wanted Cane gone, and it was only when she finally took a breath that Marcus was able to inform her that someone had broken into the grounds but had got away, which cut off her swearing.

Moments later, Marcus moved into the bathroom obviously checking where the heck Cane had vanished to. Marcus found Cane seated on the edge of the bathtub close to the shower, the floor wet. At the sight of Cane slightly hunched over with blood streaming down the sides of his soaked clothes, Marcus was stunned into silence just as Alexandra walked back in and then nearly went into a faint at the sight of the bloodied Cane. Marcus was already radioing for the other guards to come into the bedroom while he ran out of the bathroom to call the doctor.

Cane wasn’t hurt, he was just really mad. Someone had broken in. How the fuck did that happen? He didn’t even feel the annoying twinge from the stitches in his side anymore, so he was surprised to see Alexandra walk in looking concerned but keeping mute.

Deciding to ignore her, Cane started to take off his wet, bloody shirt. Once again she surprised him and without a word, she helped him out of it.

He glanced up and saw her staring at his torso which had some scars crisscrossed over his skin, both old and recent, especially the blood on his side. And then she suddenly took off her robe and placed it over his shoulders, her expression worried. “You need to have a doctor look at that...”

Cane felt his brain getting glazed over with the now familiar mist as he got a full frontal from the barely clad Alexandra, her sweetly feminine scent and heat driving him crazy for a second.

His jaw hardening, he growled, “Actually what I need is for you to at least get fucking dressed – because right now the sight of you in those see-through underclothes is getting my heart to pump even quicker. And that’s not going to help the fucking bleeding, is it?”

“Oh. Right,” she muttered, her eyes darting as her cheeks went hot. She was out of there in a flash and this time, returned with a long kimono-type robe tied securely around her slim waist. The other guards appeared wanting to help him up but he brushed them away with gruff thanks.

“It’s nothing - just some superficial bleeding. It doesn’t even hurt though it does need to get cleaned and sewed up again,” he said calmly, deciding to stay put in the bathroom instead of going into the rooms and risking his blood spotting and ruining the carpets or furniture.

Eventually the doctor showed up and handled the injury which turned out to be as trivial as Cane had said. Cane refused the pills the doctor offered; the last thing he wanted was any wooziness especially when there’d actually been an intruder. Alexandra insisted on sticking around till the doctor was done and then Cane in turn insisted she return to her room. “You’ll be safe. I’ll be having a tactical meeting with the others tomorrow so we can figure out what the hell happened. The surveillance cameras will...”


Alexandra’s soft voice cut him off, making him vaguely aware of how one part of his brain was still thundering with visions of him fucking the shit out of her. She was thankfully covered up now but the image of her juicy-looking nipples beneath the wet bra and the way her body had felt over would be indelibly set in his subconscious for a long, long time to come. Now, hearing her say his name like that, probably for the first time ever, stiffened his loins and made him grit his teeth against the urge to slam her hard against the wall and kiss her senseless while his hands roamed hungrily over her lush frame.

There’d always been the sparks; all that sexual tension between them though neither one had wanted to acknowledge it nor act on it. Which was wise considering that now that an intruder had somehow managed to get through the security and then out again, it was now clear that Alexandra’s father had been right and that she wasn’t safe on her own.

“You don’t have to be scared,” he told her quietly when she stood there, her arms wrapped around herself. He rose to his feet, keeping his hands clenched by his sides. Either that or he’d be making a grab for her which just wouldn’t do.

“I trust Marcus and Dirk; they wouldn’t let anyone harm you and neither would I,” Cane added, and saw her eyes flicker to the small bandage at his side. He saw the look of worry and added deeply, “And you needn’t be concerned whether I’m fit for the job. It’ll take a whole lot than an opened scratch to get me off my game.”

She shook her head firmly. “No; I’m not worried about that. And I’m not scared,” she said, meaning it. “I just...I guess I owe you an apology. I did all I could to make things difficult from the start. I haven’t been that cooperative –”

Her voice broke off and she seemed hesitant, almost as if she wanted to take a step forward, reach out her hand. But the almost imperceptible motion was stopped even before it could be acted upon.

“You’ve always done enough to make this job go as easy as it could for both of us. That’s all I would have asked. And it’s all I need,” he said stiffly, his whole body rigid in warning to him as well as to her. Whatever he saw playing on her expressive face, Cane didn’t want either of them to act on it. Their little physical brush earlier hadn’t really been perilous because the intruder got spooked and ran off. But she was probably a bit shaken inside and perhaps in shock now that she realized the danger was real.

That suddenly seemed enough to intensify the tension between them, making it solidify until Cane could almost feel it on his bare skin, causing a familiar throb in his treacherous cock.

Cane was alone with her in her bedroom, shirtless and filled with hormones raging too hard to be ignored for long. He had to get out, right now.

“You have a funny way of accepting my apology,” Alexandra said drily, before throwing her hands up in exasperation. “Okay; so I can imagine I haven’t given you the best opinion of me, but I do appreciate what you did tonight, what you’ve been doing since you started working as my bodyguard. Just...thank you.”

He nodded curtly, went to the now secured balcony doors and pulled the blinds closed. “It’s my job,” he said in a gentler tone as he walked up to her again. Not wanting to think about it first, he took her arm and turned it over, his eyes running over her smooth skin. “And if I was rough with you back there...when I grabbed you and tugged on your hair...I’m sorry.”

“You acted like a caveman,” she suddenly snorted on a laugh, but then there was a smoky glow in her eyes that suddenly made his throat catch. A part of him wanted to ask if she liked cavemen. If she liked it rough..liked to be dragged around, held down, her hair pulled....

Fuck. Now anything she said had him thinking about sex. With her.

Rough, passionate, red-hot sex the whole night long. No one or nothing holding them back, just the need of a man for his woman. Alexandra was right there, within his reach. Lord knows he’d wanted her bad enough almost from the minute they’d met.

That didn’t make her any less inaccessible though. And yet the more he shouldn’t want her, the more Cane seemed to crave her.

The moments ticked by and somehow he felt like she was waiting – they both were. It would take just one gesture to trigger something off and Cane knew he’d be body-slamming her on that bed, pushing her knees back up against her shoulders and sticking something – his tongue, fingers or cock – inside that sweet-looking pussy he’d merely glimpsed beneath her wet panties earlier.

Common sense however prevailed from somewhere beneath the blankets of lust. “You need to change,” he said calmly, remembering she still had her soaked underwear on beneath the kimono. “And then you need to get some rest. You have classes early tomorrow.”

Did he imagine the flash of disappointment that briefly crossed her eyes? Cane knew he’d probably imagined it. It didn’t matter. Whatever she thought she wanted, he couldn’t give it to her. He daren’t.

She stood there staring silently after him and Cane couldn’t get out of the room fast enough.

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