Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Six


A loud moan woke Alexandra up and it took moments to realize it had come from her.

She straightened from the pillows as she recalled the events of that night which still haunted her. This time she’d slept more soundly than she thought she would. Maybe because her dreams had been full of Cane...

God, he was so hot. So freaky sexy it made her ache to have him near her. Sometimes she couldn’t stand it. The way he moved; the jewel-like gleam in his eyes; the way his silky dark hair rested flat on the back of his head that made her want to smooth over it with her fingers...

That fateful night days ago had been frightening in a sense, especially when someone had grabbed her from behind. She felt stupid now, realizing she should have known it was Cane.

And yet instead of focusing on the fact that it was now confirmed there was someone after her, all Alexandra could think of was how she had felt, lying against Cane as the shower had poured over their bodies. He’d held her tightly against him and she’d felt it...his arousal.

Alexandra remembered now that in those moments, she hadn’t felt afraid of whatever was waiting beyond her room. She hadn’t even understood what was happening but one thing that had really registered was how hard it had become to fight the way she felt around Cane.

But still, nothing seemed to have changed. Well, the security at her place was now tighter, and her dad had almost gone berserk about it when he heard the news.

“Dad, whoever it was never got the chance to get close enough. It was like he got surprised and ran off. He probably hadn’t known I wasn’t alone. So you needn’t worry; I’m well looked after,” she’d told him reassuringly.

“I shouldn’t have left,” Donel Duke said angrily. “I turn my back for a second and they come after you. I’ll make that bastard Vincent pay...”

“Dad, we don’t know for sure it was him. It could have easily been just a burglar. The police have come over and checked things out. If there’s anything they’ll let us know.”

Her father had been hard to convince; he’d wanted to leave the one week conference and fly straight back. But Alexandra had let him know she’ll do okay. She had her bodyguard. She had all the security she’d ever need. No one would get to her.

Yep, she was sewed up tight while she was home, and every time she left the house, Cane was with her. But the fact remained, nothing much had changed. He didn’t treat her as anything else but a client. He stayed professional, sometimes so aloof it chilled her to the bone.

Alexandra knew what he was doing. She understood it. He’d probably felt it too; she was almost sure he knew. Sensed that something was different between them. In a way it was so annoying that he was back to being stiff and formal after what had happened that night. She could still remember the sensation of his rigid member digging into her back, the girth and length surprising her to say the least. Also surprising was the way he’d reacted to her semi-nude body and even the words he’d confessed about her appearance causing his heart to beat faster.

Knowing that on some level, he desired her, had flipped her belly upside down. She desired him too – on all levels. Wanted him in ways she couldn’t even count. But he was her bodyguard; he had a job to do and damn him, he did it well. Sometimes she hated that he could stay so detached. She wanted him to lose it. She wanted to see his control snap, just for her. And she felt like a dumbass for wanting what she shouldn’t.

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