Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Eight


Cane had to keep reminding himself, like a mantra in his head, just why the sexy woman he couldn’t take his eyes off, was out of bounds.

Stay focused, Cane. Focus, he kept saying over and over as he watched Alexandra have fun at Malia’s party. Despite what he’d told her the other night, he did like to have a good time once in a while. But his idea of that was leaning more to mountain hiking or deep sea fishing whenever he had some free days off work. And yes, he wasn’t averse to a bar crawl with a few of his Marine buddies, but he wouldn’t say he was much for the club scene.

He had to admit though that if he was, then this club would be a good spot to hang out. From the sound and lighting systems, to the aerialists and dancers doing their thing in different sections of the cavernous club, the whole atmosphere felt alive and pumping. Even the music wasn’t so bad, and the hip hop star hired to ramp things up gave some good live performances that got the crowd jumping. There were loads of pretty women in hot little mini club dresses and sexy heels, gyrating and screaming at the handsome star with his corn rows and diamond chains that looked heavy enough to give his tatted neck a crick.

But for all the excitement, all Cane really had eyes for was Alexandra. She was more than popular, a regular social butterfly and seemed to know everyone in the club. Cane had caught sight of her talking with a couple of stars whom even he recognized, and then that other young buck singer/rapper whose popular dance moves reminded Cane of Michael Jackson and whose last name was Brown or something. Cane couldn’t remember, but from the stars in Alexandra’s eyes when the cute light-skinned star leaned forward to say something in her ear, he could tell that Alexandra was flattered by all the attention. Cane wondered how come the party seemed to be crawling with music stars till he remembered that Malia’s boyfriend had a job in the industry.

Cane knew because of all the background checks done on Alexandra’s bosom friends and anyone close to them. Her father’s orders, especially since Malia was having this big birthday party that seemed to have the whole club shut down. There was even the tiered cake as well as the specially reserved VIP tables with raised leather banquettes which seemed perfect for watching the scene and of course, getting to be seen.

A part of him was glad that Alexandra seemed to be having the time of her life, dancing with every man there and being the center of attention – but soon he’d just about had enough of it. Just then, he could see a tall, well-built guy with a clean-shaven head suddenly grip her arm and spin her round. She looked up in recognition at the darkly handsome man who was dressed in a fashionable purplish suit and black shirt that set off his equally dusky skin tone. He was smiling cockily as he ground against her, saying something in her ear that made Alexandra’s eyes snap. Cane watched from across the room and felt his control almost crack as he ground his teeth. Dumping the mocktail he’d been nursing on a nearby surface, he strode across the room with purposeful steps.

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