Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Nine


Alexandra couldn’t decide which was more frustrating: when Cane had been ignoring her, or now when he treated her like a buddy. After Malia’s party, there wasn’t any more of that tension between them – well, except for all that sizzling chemistry which was never going to just disappear, Alexandra figured.

Now, they shared meals when at the house; they talked, they even watched movies together. It was all camaraderie, never more no matter the undercurrents of sparks that only erupted from a man and woman who found each other intensely attractive.

He never touched her in a way that would seem inappropriate. They’d never even kissed. But like she told him, it only made things all the more turbulent, for her at least. Being close to him, but never getting the chance to give expression to the hunger raging within her for just a taste of his lips, a caress from his fingers...

Each time she got too close, he pulled away. Gently but firmly. Alexandra knew she could only push so hard before she started to look too desperate. She hated to be that woman; so she tried not to be. Cane had a job to do and she had to respect that. She kept asking herself what her father would think if he knew how she felt about the bodyguard he’d hired for her. Will he call her foolish and irresponsible? Or would he tell her to grab at a great chance at being happy?

Cane could make me happy, Alexandra told herself without a pinch of doubt. It wasn’t just because he was working in a capacity where he had to watch out for her as part of his job. There was just something about him that spelled reliable, considerate, tender and compassionate. He was a good man, Alexandra knew and she wondered why some smart girl hadn’t snatched him up yet.

The thought of Cane being with someone but her made Alexandra feel almost ill. But then she knew it was wise to remind herself that this was just a job to him. Once her father decided she was no more in any real danger, or once Cane found he was bored playing chaperone to the flighty young daughter of a billionaire, would he walk off the scene to something more exciting and challenging?

Oh lord, no, Alexandra thought achingly. Not before she’d got even one chance to taste of true passion with him; to know if the flames that licked within her core for him could burn beyond just her fantasies.

As the days ticked by, Alexandra could see her chance slipping away.

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