Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Ten


Oh, damn it all to hell!

Alexandra rolled out of bed the next morning feeling like she’d been run over by a freight truck. How did one wake up with a hangover if one hadn’t even been drinking the night before?

She’d tossed and turned all night, wrestling with her pillows, covers and even her nightmares as she tried to get over the agony of how last night had gone.

Cane. They’d said some really nasty things to each other but once he drove them home, not another word was exchanged. She’d thought he’d try to talk her out of her decision to ask for another bodyguard, but he didn’t. Alexandra felt hurt but realized that maybe he was just as sick of the whole thing as she was. Maybe? No, make that definitely.

She shoved her hair out of her face as she stretched her aching body. She could hear Cane in the adjoining room, moving about already. She remembered every little thing he’d said yesterday: about her bodyguard crush, and generally about her not even knowing what she wanted because heck, she was a rich brat daddy’s princess spoiled from birth.

Well, to hell with you, Cane Hutchison, Alexandra fumed as she shoved her legs into some running tights. She gathered her hair in a top knot and finished putting on the gear she’d need for a run in the nearby wooded park. She ran most mornings but in the past month she hadn’t been that regular, content mostly to go to the gym. But for the past few weeks since he’d been assigned as her bodyguard, Cane always came along. She’d enjoyed his company even though they rarely talked. But today, she couldn’t even stand to be in the same house with him not to speak of letting him along as her jogging partner slash minder. As far as she was concerned, he was no longer even her bodyguard. She’d officially divested him of his services last night and once she got back in an hour, she’d call her dad to make her stand.

But for now, she needed to clear her head. Run off all the negative energy from last night as well as all the angst that had built up since the cluster bomb her life had become when she got assigned a bodyguard.

For some reason, she found herself tiptoeing out of her room, unwilling to face a confrontation with Cane. If he saw her, he would insist on accompanying her which would be awkward and quite frankly, unwelcome. She still hadn’t forgiven him for talking to her like she wasn’t an adult who knew the difference between a crush and an actual manifestation of feelings for a man who’d made such an intense impact on her.

She stepped noiselessly past his room, pausing long enough to hear sounds that told her he was busy in the shower. Good. He needn’t know she was out on her run. She’d be back soon anyway and besides, now that her father had all but confirmed that Vincent the tycoon thug no longer considered her father a rival, then Alexandra had stopped being a target.

Feeling an almost childish satisfaction in having her way this once, Alexandra smirked as she made her way quietly out of the house, shutting the door just as softly after her.

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