Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Eleven


Cane was letting out a string of curses as he sailed the Audi slowly along the trail Alexandra normally took when she went jogging. He was gripping the wheel so tight his knuckled were white and sharply defined. His eyes scanned the deserted track which led to the park which had a picturesque fence running the length of one end.

There was nothing picturesque about the images going through his mind as he went over the different kinds of torture he had in store for Alexandra.

He did feel a sudden squeeze of worry when he kept on the road and saw no sign of her. She couldn’t have gone that far; he’d known exactly when she’d left by the sound of the front door closing. He’d only been minutes behind, and that was why he took the car, all the better to catch up with her and...

She was gone. He could feel it. She should have been on this trail but she wasn’t. It was a long stretch of road and she couldn’t have made it down so soon to the end where the park stretched out in scenic greenery.

And then he saw it; the blue van. It wouldn’t have caught his attention as it was just one of the few other vehicles parked around. But then suddenly, a man emerged from the back compartment and into the driving seat before starting up the engine.

Something about the man caught Cane’s attention. He’d seen him somewhere before. Even with the beanie covering his head, Cane could make out most parts of his face. And Cane never, ever forgot a face.

It took moments to realize who that was. Lamar; Alexandra’s ex-boyfriend who had made such an ass of himself at Malia’s party just a week ago. What the fuck was he doing here?

Cane was coming in from the opposite direction, and when Lamar looked up, both men’s eyes met in an instant of recognition and surprise. But there was something else in Lamar’s gaze; the dark man’s eyes narrowed to vindictive slits as moments later, he shot the van past Cane.

Cane’s instincts, honed from years in the military and on the job as a protection agent, kicked in and he knew. Alexandra was in that van.

Son of a bitch!

He wouldn’t have time to question his intuition. Lamar was speeding off like hell was after him. Cane had to react fast. His arms twisting sharply, Cane took precious moments spinning the car around. All rational, conscious thought told him not to let that bastard Lamar out of his sight. For the fact that Lamar was here, this early in the morning on the very same road Alexandra took when didn’t take rocket science to figure out that Lamar had most definitely kidnapped Alexandra. Especially since she was nowhere to be seen.

Cane saw the van gain speed as the distance between them grew wider, but Cane wasn’t too worried. Let’s see you try to outrun an Audi R8, motherfucker, Cane seethed. There was a squeal of tires as he floored the gas, shooting forward so fast the surroundings became a blur.

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