Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Fourteen


Alexandra tossed her bouquet over her shoulder and from the gleeful sound she heard behind her, it seemed like Malia had made a lucky catch.

Once Alexandra had called Malia on the phone to say that Cane had proposed and they were ‘eloping’ and having a beach front destination wedding on St. Maarten, Malia had squealed and warned that they’d better not do anything until she got there. She took the first plane down and within hours of leaving New York was just in time for the ceremony which took place that bright, warm day.

To Alexandra’s amazement, her father had made the trip as well. She’d called him with the news just the night before. “I love him and we’re going to get married, dad. I never really wanted to have a big wedding – but I did dream of a perfect one.”

“And that’s what you’ll have,” her father had said deeply. “You both have my blessings but I fully intend to give my only daughter away, Hutchinson.”

Cane, who’d been right there with her, had assured her father that they wouldn’t want it any other way. So her father had zipped over on his private jet and the wedding took place without a hitch.

Alexandra had been shocked to say the least when Cane proposed. They’d taken an excursion on a boat to one of the nearby bleached coral sands with the unbelievable view all around them...and that was when he kissed her and showed her he wanted to take the biggest risk of all.

“Marry me,” he’d told her simply, gazing into her eyes. “On the beach. Tomorrow.”

Two blinks and a belly-quake later, Alexandra breathed, “Yes.

And after that she hardly needed to lift a finger as Cane handled all the arrangements. “Leave everything to me, princess,” he’d said with deep warmth and adoration in his eyes as he’d kissed her gratefully once she accepted. “I’ll fix all the details from the license to the location...all you’ll have to do is to say, “I do”.”

And she did. They both did, there on the scenic beach with the most perfect weather backing them up. Friends, family, and well-wishers stood around with moist eyes as they watched Alexandra and Cane exchange vows they’d created themselves.

Now, hours later, her new husband was sweeping her in his arms past the threshold of their marvelous honeymoon beach villa. It sat on the cliff top overlooking Orient Beach with amazing views in every direction.

But for tonight, Alexandra intended to be far too preoccupied to take in the scenery.

Cane hadn’t been joking when he’d said there was no rush in terms of sex. Since that day when he’d run up the beach to meet her, he’d been more focused on wooing her than tumbling her in the sheets. At first Alexandra had been shocked, dismayed and foot-stomping mad at the extended deprivation, but now, with his ring on her finger and their wedding night before them, she was beginning to see the allure of keeping their first time for this special occasion.

The last few days had been spent doing all the fishing, excursions, club-hopping, plus wining and dining two people in-love could squeeze in so many hours. But once the bedroom door shut behind them, Alexandra looked up into Cane’s eyes and the message in the flames was unmistakable.

If she’d been expecting a slow grind with Cane, to work them up into the moment, then boy was she wrong. It was like he could finally let the beast out and whoa...Alexandra was in for a hell of a revelation.

That night, the only thing soft was the music playing on the speakers set in all the rooms and connected to Alexandra’s iPod where – surprise – Cane had filled the playlist with all the hottest Trey Songz’ bed-wetting, panty-dropping tracks ever made.

There were also candles lit all around the spacious, glass-walled bedroom with the lights turned down. The whole ambience gave off a gentle, soothing vibe but from the look of things, Cane never got that memo.

Alexandra gasped with deep-seated arousal as Cane moved from the closed door and grabbed her hips, tugging her upwards off her feet. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his waist as his hands cupped her bottom and his lips captured hers. Her arms went round his neck, her response instantaneous. He gave her an open-mouthed, recklessly sloppy kiss trimmed with heat and sensuality. Shit. Alexandra felt the base give out inside her belly and she could hardly breathe as Cane started to fuck her mouth with his marauding tongue.

Alexandra liked that the rough-edged intensity of the kiss was to set the tone for the rest of the play...

Cane couldn’t seem to have enough of her mouth, and she was helpless to his onslaught, making soft mewling sounds into his mouth as she succumbed to his mastery, his ownage.

Damn, she could have kissed him all freaking night and been happy. Their lips felt meant for each other, and the way her whole body reacted to that long session of frenzied lip-locking told her that the rest of her agreed with what her mouth was feeling right then.

She was breathing really hard when he drew back finally, and she couldn’t hide the vulnerability from her face as she looked into his smoldering green eyes. She wanted him like life itself but she wasn’t all that experienced and she wanted him to get as much pleasure from this as she knew she would.

Cane’s face was just a mask of carnal, masculine intent that should have frightened her in its savagery but it only made her cunt twitch and squish even more.

“You’re so perfect, and you’re mine,” he rasped, suddenly looking dazed. “I’m going to keep reminding myself of that and try to hold back from rampaging through this like you’re going to slip out of my grasp by morning light. You won’t will you, baby? You’ll stay with me?”

“Yes...forever. Just like I promised,” Alexandra told him breathlessly, her full heart cracking and bursting at the same time.

Her fervent reply made him groan deeply, his arms almost crushing in the powerful hold they had around her body. With rapid steps, he walked her over to the bed, depositing her on the exquisitely soft sheets with her legs still wrapped tightly around his lean waist.

About...fucking...time, Alexandra thought as her back hit the giving mattress. Finally; her and Cane, in bed. Together. The sensation of having Cane’s marvelous body atop hers was almost worth the many months and days of waiting for this moment to arrive.

More scorching kisses followed, and now his hands began to roam her body with an almost famished possessiveness. Hungry to touch him too, Alexandra skimmed her fingers over his hair, throat, chest and back. He groaned deeply at the way she caressed him, and she felt happy her touch excited him the way his did her.

And the way he virtually ripped her clothes off her body...Alexandra totally forgot to utter a word of protest that her pretty white designer wear was getting shredded. The man wanted her naked, and being in a horny state of mush herself, she wasn’t about to put up any resistance.

Some things in life were worth waiting for and being made love to by Cane was definitely one of them. Even in his feral passion, he showed his giving, tender side. Even when he’d got her bare-ass naked and was nibbling and sucking his way all over her exposed flesh, he still made her feel like she was made of delicate candy floss.

He spread her body beneath him on the sheets and gazed down at her till she felt warm from her head to her toe nails. Even without the words, she knew what he thought about her body but it felt good to hear him say them out loud in a voice so husky she barely recognized it.

“You’re so beautiful and sexy, Alexandra. More than any woman I’ve been with, ever. Your whole body is like a treasure-hunt roadmap...leading to all kinds of beautiful gems. Diamonds...,” he kissed both nipples one after the other, making her gasp, “...And pearls,” he added, his hand sliding down her belly to strum her swollen, beady clit.

Alexandra’s spine arched off the bed, her inner thighs quivering helplessly. Holy cow. His touch was amazing. There was an instant swelling in her folds as blood rushed into her labia even as it gushed with pleasure juice. She leaned up on her elbows and stared down in dazed arousal at his tanned hand, his skin tone several shades more light colored than hers, disappear between her thighs. Instinctively, she locked her knees on him, squirming as she felt him stroke her slit from the top edge to the bottom. He shook his head and tut-tutted.

“Open them wide for me, kitten. I want to look at all of you,” was Cane’s husky command.

Body trembling with mounting passion, Alexandra plucked up her courage and spread apart her knees, submitting herself to the dangerously exciting skill of her lover’s touch. God; she prayed Cane wouldn’t kill her because she was already fitting to pass out from the indescribable bliss of his fingers massaging the sensitive outer layers of her sex.

His gaze shifted down to the bared little crevice between her parted thighs and her chest heaved at the sight of his eyes going black with lust and awe.

“You know what I’m reminded of when I look at this beautiful pussy?” he asked softly, glancing up at her and smiling wolfishly at her warmed cheeks. His lewd words made her shy and horny at the same time. Hearing Cane talk like that was such a turn on, she was sure she was dripping down to the sheets.

She shook her head mutely, unable to piece together a vocal reply. He leaned forward to whisper against her lips, “Your pussy reminds me of strawberries with just a hint of honey trickling forth. You’re going to taste amazing, baby. I just know it.”

Ooh heavens, thought the shuddering Alexandra as his words turned her to jelly from the waist down. He proceeded to press kisses from her lips to her neck, making her squirm as he sucked hard at the inner curve of her shoulder before shifting to her budded nipples. He plucked at the thick nubs with his lips and lashed them with his tongue in turns, all the while caressing her soaked entrance with his knowing fingers. Alexandra bucked and shivered, her brain almost short-circuiting from the sensation of Cane’s mouth pleasuring her breasts. His free hand cupped and squeezed them, his fingers wrapping around each firm, generous swell.

He groaned against her tit, lapping at her aureole and making it crinkle when the cool air touched the tip moistened by his tongue. When he pulled her nipple into his mouth...sweet lord.  She felt like she’d been injected with lightning volts right through her centre. He rolled the nipple around inside his mouth with his tongue, stretching and then biting just so with his teeth till she screamed out his name.

He tapped on her clit at the same time, firm little pats coupled with wide, circular motions that brought out black and white spots behind her eyelids. Something solid yet invisible was pressing her off the edge; she couldn’t say what it was but it was so close she could feel it rising inside her. Just as she made to tumble beneath its force, Cane drew his hand away to rest it on her hip as he lifted his mouth from her tingling breast to gaze down into her bewildered face.

“Do you realize that the best part of having this gift of being here beside you...” he began, his voice hoarse with desire, “Is being able to pleasure you, to know that my touch makes you scream and squelch with juices. I do make you wet, don’t I?” His eyes were dark green blades of sensuality that sliced through her like sharp-edged steel.

“So wet,” Alexandra gasped, her hands grasping his head, fisting the short, silky hairs as she writhed hungrily beneath him. He was still very much clothed, which was enough to make her whimper in deprivation even as she told him, “You just have to open your mouth and your voice, your words drive me to distraction.”

“And there’s so much more,” Cane promised deeply, his fingers kneading into the firm flesh of her upper thigh. “You have no idea what I could make you feel, my love. You have such fire and passion; I can taste it on your skin and it’s like a drug to me. I’m about to unleash something inside you that you’ll crave all your life and I’m going to be the only one who can satisfy that craving.”

“I wouldn’t want it any differently,” Alexandra told him with whispery assurance, her own heart pounding with love and devotion.

“Good...because any man try to lay even a pinkie finger on this luscious body, then he’d better be ready to lose both fucking hands,” Cane growled, pressing one more hard, possessive kiss on her lips and causing a shudder to convulse straight through her. She gasped, her head flung back as he began to snake his body down, the time he’d settled his broad shoulders in between her legs, her head whipped back up again. What came next would have been almost impossible for Alexandra to relate in mere words.

Cane. Burying his face against her sex, sticking out his tongue and giving her one long, up and down, sideways lick...Hot. Damn.

Alexandra almost snapped her spine, curving back in half at the sensation of Cane’s velvety rough tongue flattening over her mound. He used his thumb to gently part her pussy lips before twirling that hot tongue around her engorged clit. Before she could even process the pleasure making her body jolt, Cane wrapped his lips around her clit and gave it a deep, hard suck.

Alexandra’s mouth popped wide open but no sound came out. Every nerve cell both inside and out became fine-tuned to the working of Cane’s tongue and fingers on her pussy. Her thighs jerked, her fingers unclenching from the sheets to grip tightly on his short hair.

Somewhere, somehow, she found her voice and all she could do was breathe his name “Cane, oh Cane...” as he thrilled her to the bone by stimulating her pussy.

“Fuck, baby. You taste better than I even dreamed,” Cane groaned, lifting his head slightly to look up at her and Alexandra fought to keep her eyes open enough to hold his gaze. He reached up a hand to stick his long middle finger into her mouth, and she sucked on it hungrily as he ghosted the thumb of his other hand over her clit.

“Mmmm...,” Alexandra moaned around his thick finger. Oh my God! She thought as he lowered his head back to tongue-fuck her pussy while his thumb massaged her greedy clitoris. It felt like her pussy was under assault the way his lips plucked at her swollen labia before he plunged the two longest fingers of one hand into her sodden snatch.

Alexandra could no longer define the sounds she was making in her throat. His fingers sawed in and out of the shallow walls of her vagina, never going too deep. Not yet. He teased her with those just-beneath-the-surface strokes of his fingers while he pulled on her pussy lips with his lips and teeth, nibbling heartily.

He slipped his finger out of her mouth and Alexandra finally let out a screech of ecstasy. The bliss she felt was like a freak of nature. Nothing should feel this good. This much pleasure almost became pain as Cane ramped it to monstrous intensity. Seizing hold of her clit in his teeth, he finally sunk in those two fingers till they were buried inside to the last knuckle.

“Oooh!” Alexandra squealed, her legs wrapping around his head while she bucked her hips repeatedly into his face. He pinched her nipple with one hand and with the other, proceeded to finger-fuck her vagina to blinding oblivion.

Alexandra was half gasping, half moaning, too lost in her ecstasy she almost forgot to keep breathing. She hadn’t even known there were spots inside her pussy that could feel such bliss. Cane hooked in deep, so deep her womb responded with convulsive jerks. He found that magic spot and wouldn’t let go, his fingers beginning to move in a slapping blur as he pounded them in and out of her pussy.

The hips she had grinding into his face began to move faster and faster. Cane just kept up the tempo, taking multi-tasking to a whole new level as he manipulated her breasts while his tongue and fingers pleasured the whole of her sex from inside and out.

Eventually, Alexandra didn’t even get the opportunity to know she was coming. She simply came. Her body coiled forward off the bed as she let out a scream so shrill it could have easily reached the whistle register. She could feel him lapping at her ravenously and groaning so deep the sounds vibrated around the quivering inner flesh of her thighs. Spasms of immeasurable delight racked her frame, and she went on whimpering and convulsing underneath him, her orgasm lasting a full minute.

He insistently sipped on her spilled cum juice like it was fine wine, his raspy growls of approval making her heart swell with love and gratitude. Her thrashing frame soon slowed to a trembling and then a mild shivering as she eased down from the dizzying heights of her release. She felt a serenity in her deepest soul that she’d never felt before sexually.

Alexandra blinked out of her dazed bliss as Cane finally moved up from her inner thighs to bury his face in her stomach, his breathing ragged as he drew in air deeply. “You don’t know how long I’ve dreamed of doing that,” he told her huskily, planting a kiss on her belly. Alexandra’s body jerked reflexively, her nerve endings still too sensitive from her monumental climax.

Her heart bursting, she drew his head up to give him a long, sweet kiss, making him groan as she sucked on his tongue and infused the taste of her own intoxicating essences into her mouth.

“Cane...that was...” She drew back just enough to whisper against his lips, “Life changing. I’ve never felt an orgasm so powerful before. Thank you.”

He smiled rakishly, his eyes glowing dark with passion as he planted kisses along the side of her neck. “I aim to please. Just tell me what you want sweet kitten and it’s done.”

Her hands pushed at his chest insistently until he raised his head to look at her. “What I for you to take your clothes off. I need to see you, Cane. I want to touch you, taste you. I need to believe that you’re all mine. Every inch of you.”

“I’m definitely all yours, kitten. Believe it,” he told her deeply, straightening up on his knees and sending buttons popping as he rent his shirt like he was Incredible freaking Hulk. One thing for sure; he was incredible, thought Alexandra adoringly. Cane had the body of a Greek god, sculpted and tight with not a pinch of fat.

Those pectorals looked like they’d been carved from granite. He had enough bulk in his shoulders, arms and torso to seem like he could lift a freight truck, without looking like those bodybuilding junkies. All she could do was stare at his tanned, hairless body with the rippling six pack and fantasize how good it would be to lick him all over. Even the battle scars, which weren’t many, didn’t detract from the fact that this golden god had the most beautiful male body she’d ever seen.

Alexandra saw his hands fall to his belt and her breathing kicked up a notch. She let her eyes drift lower and could see an impressive-looking bulge stretching down in a ridge to the middle of his thigh. Her eyes widened till they felt like they could pop out of their sockets. Was that his...?

He seemed to smile at her wide-eyed expression, a sly grin slashing across his face as his hands still on the buckle of his belt. Alexandra swallowed convulsively. Why was he stopping?

“Cane...?” she said quizzically, already twitching in her depths at the prospect of seeing her hunk of a husband in the full flesh. And she did mean full. Damn, dude looked like he was packing a huge hosepipe in those pants! Alexandra’s greedy, just-sated pussy was already beginning to ignite in anticipation of what her eyes were about to feed upon.

But Cane was shaking his head, suddenly lying on his back as he placed lifted his arms to link his hands behind his head. “You want need to come get me,” he said deeply.

Oooh, Alexandra thought, her whole body switching into she-wolf mode at the challenge in his smoky green eyes.

“Oh, I’m coming,” she told him sultrily, as she got on her hands and knees and started to knee walk her way to why he lay stretched out like a golden feast.

His eyes were hooded, staring at her breasts swaying beneath as she crawled closer. “Careful, kitten. You sure you can handle all the goodies I have in store for you?” he teased, all Cocky Cane.

Alexandra merely smiled, but she soon knew what he was talking about. Her hands eagerly reached for his belt buckle, which she got undone along with his trouser fastenings. He lifted his hips to aid her as she pushed his pants and boxers off his hips. By the time she’d tugged his trousers down his knees and he’d kicked them off, she then looked up at his cock and gasped.

Alexandra had always suspected he was huge, but this was...Holy shit. She’d never even dreamed she’d see a dick this big up close. He was fully erect, every massive inch of him, the broad tip of his cock rearing in a curve against his washboard stomach. The shaft was long and tapering to a thick, solid base dusted with his dark, silky curls. Alexandra didn’t even know her mouth was unhinged till she heard his soft chuckle.

“Trust me, love, you have nothing to worry about,” he said tenderly.

Alexandra bit on her bottom lip, blinking eyes which had glassed over while staring at his monster...package. Damn. A good big cock goes a long way, as Malia always used to say. Looked like Alexandra was going to get first hand confirmation of that before her honeymoon night was through.

“Oh, I’m not worried,” Alexandra purred, finally breaking out of her daze and gliding forward on eager hands and knees. His smile deepened even as his eyes blazed in waiting for her next move. Alexandra smiled back, her nerves easing as she realized suddenly, He’s mine. He’s really mine and I can have him anyway I want.

His body. She needed to touch him, she decided. Leaning over him, she gazed deep into his eyes as she flattened her palms on his broad chest. He sucked in a breath and his humorous smile faded until his face was dark with shadows of desire.

Alexandra started by kissing his face; his eyebrows, lids and nose, skimming over his mouth and biting into that deliciously full bottom lip of his. Cane groaned, his body tensing beneath hers as he refrained from touching her, letting her keep the lead. She smiled secretly, her lips sliding over his manly jaw before she nuzzled his neck, inhaling his gorgeous scent. It made her head spin with lust and she shivered, murmuring his name.

Her hands roved from his pecs to his abs, reveling in each sinew which seemed to actually ripple beneath her touch. It felt so damned good to touch him, and she let her fingers graze his nipples, which were so sexy with their tiny hard points. Her breasts brushed over his body as she slid down his frame, and he groaned, arching up into her. Hiding a smirk of delight, she licked at his nipples, making him seize his breath. Moving from one to the other, she lapped and sucked and nibbled, his deep growls of pleasure like music to her ears.

Growing bolder, she found her hands finally inching down those perfect abs to wrap around his cock. She couldn’t help but gasp again, her eyes flying down to discover that even both her hands couldn’t encompass his full length, her fingers unable to meet around his girth.

His cock looked excruciatingly hard, and as she instinctively started to stroke her hands up and down his shaft, he groaned out loud. Her eyes snapped up to meet his, and it was then he held both sides of her head and made her hold his gaze.

“You make me so hard. So much that I already feel like I could explode with just your soft, pretty hands around me. You’ll drive me crazy, Alexandra.”

She licked on her lips, already hungry to taste him there. As she caressed him, she saw beads of precum begin to spill from his bulbous tip, and her pussy resonated in almost psychic response at the sight of his obvious arousal.

“I want to drive you crazy,” she told him softly, pleadingly as she looked up at him again. “I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen...if you just tell me how.”

“Oh, baby,” he groaned, as Alexandra lowered her head to his rearing staff. She was glad when he then placed his hands over hers which she’d wrapped around his cock. He guided her fingers up and down, with firm little twists on the downward shove. She watched and learned raptly, loving the sensation of his rigid, thick and strong member in her hands. He really was a Man of Steel, thought Alexandra with an awed smile before she suddenly bent her mouth to kiss his purple-tinted cap.

He snatched in a harsh breath of pleasure, and didn’t stop her when she stuck out tongue to lap at the drops still gathering at his tip. His hands fell away but he was willing to guide her in other ways. Lying back down on the pillows, he watched her start to run her tongue along his shaft. Groaning deeply, he told her she was starting off great, which made her feel ten feet tall already.

Looking up, Alexandra stared into his eyes as she closed her lips around his tip and began to suck. 

“Baby! Oh fuck,” Cane groaned, his hands fisting her hair. Alexandra smirked around his cock, increasing her tempo while she cradled his large balls, massaging them with feather light caresses that drove him wild.

“That’s it, baby,” he said on a rasp, cupping her head and guiding her movements as she grew more confident. Alexandra felt lost in her delicious task, not sure she’d ever want to stop. She loved his taste, his texture. She loved that he stretched out her mouth and reached in deep to the back of her throat when he started to jerk his hips up into her lips. She loved the sound of his voice, giving directions when she needed them, making her pussy drizzle when he moaned her name.

He never went silent, whispering his wants, his desires and needs, telling her she was doing so good, that she’d make him erupt too soon if she kept up her sweet torture.

Her head began to move more vigorously on his cock, as a means to assure him that she didn’t intend to let up in the slightest. He let out a feral groan and tightened his grip on her hair. “I’m too close, my love. Damn that feels amazing but I want to finish inside you,” he told her hoarsely before pulling her gently up.

Alexandra moaned in regret as his cock popped out of her mouth, but she was pacified by his hungry kiss sliding over her lips.

His hands massaged her tits as she leaned on her hands over him, their lips dueling in a kiss even fiercer and hotter than the last. He slipped one hand down her concave belly and found her pussy drenched, evidence that she’d loved pleasuring his cock as much as he had getting pleasured.

Cane gripped the sides of her face and drew her back so he could stare deep into her eyes. “I knew you’d be amazing but you ended up surpassing my wildest dreams. I’m going to enjoy making love to you every night for the rest of our lives. And I’m almost on fire to be inside you at last. Alexandra, I need to fuck you now. I can’t wait another second.”

Alexandra’s voice got caught in her throat, which made speaking impossible. But with her eyes and body, she showed him she was ready to be claimed, finally, by his powerfully immense manhood.

He twisted positions, slipping her underneath him and surrounding her with his heat and virility. Alexandra was sure he could feel her trembling, her arms coming around his waist as he positioned himself in between her legs. He linked her ankles around his back and for the first time, brushed his turgid cap against her center.

His hands reached down beneath her ass, cupping the cheeks in his large palms and squeezing. They both groaned, as he gripped tighter on the soft, firm globes while he ground his pelvis against her. This had his cock sliding over her clit and her sopped entrance, and Alexandra had to gasp for air as the pleasure went right through her core.

“So sexy,” Cane groaned into her ear as he leaned close, nuzzling her neck. “I’m going to sink so deep inside you, right where I belong. And then I’ll fuck you until my strength gives out and until you beg me to fill you up with my cum. You’re going to give me such beautiful babies.”

Nothing else he could have said could have made her any wetter, or hotter. Jesus! Thinking about Cane’s seed spilling deep inside her and then giving her a baby – his baby – was enough to send spasms of ecstasy coursing through her. Whatever he wanted...whatever he asked, her answer was yes. Yes.

She said that one word over and over, like a chant, from the moment he slipped inside her, and through the night as he loved her deep and hard.

In one power-driven stroke, Cane was buried inside her and it was profound.

Alexandra felt her inner walls melt around him, giving in to his dominance, his sensual superpower. Her fingers raked and clawed his back while her pussy throbbed and strained to accommodate every inch of his invasion. So felt so fucking good.

“Look at me, baby,” he said deeply, and her eyes popped open, focusing on his green, gold-flecked gaze. He mesmerized her with his passionate stare as he began to move. Cranking up the pace with every successive thrust...Diving deeper and deeper and making her feel him in every crevice of her sheathe. He used bold, chopping strokes that battered her down into the bed. Alexandra was glad he didn’t hold back. She didn’t want to be treated like a china doll. She needed to feel like he was giving his all, leaving nothing to chance as he rode her to the edge of reason.

Buried inside to the balls, he pushed her passed her boundaries. Went in deeper than any man had ever done before. Each time he slammed into her, he jolted her against the headboard. His eyes still burned into hers, holding her captive just like his cock bound her to him in a mating of souls.

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