Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Fifteen


Cane shuddered in satisfaction hearing Alexandra cry out as he moved within her. Her walls were so tight, juicy and spongy. He had to keep his thrusts measured and deliberate just to stop himself from spurting too soon. Sliding in and out of her with rough, taking thrusts that got her even wetter, he lowered his lips to her ear and whispered her name, called her his beautiful, sexy wife with the body to die for.

His thick words made her shudder, and he kissed her lips lingeringly, drawing on her nectar before edging down to clamp one nipple in his teeth. Alexandra moaned deeply, bucking against him, her walls drawing on him even more snugly. Everything about her felt too damned good – her fat, nipple in his mouth, and her pussy, tight and wet, around his cock. Her soft, giving body that he couldn’t help but grope with his hands as he fucked her like he’d only done before in his dreams.

Despite his best efforts to stay in control, he could feel it fast slipping away. She drove him crazy with her sweet body writhing beneath him, her moist heat enveloping his cock as he thrust in and out. With a deep groan, he surged in deeper inside her before flipping her over to straddle him as he settled back on the pillows.

It was time to give her the reins, so to speak. Positioned atop him, she dug her thighs into his sides as she straightened on her knees. Face to face like before, he took pleasure in staring into her beautiful, expressive brown eyes as she instinctively began to ride his cock. Cane gritted his teeth against the sweet agony of having her sexy, youthful body grinding on top of him, her delectable breasts swaying like melons. With a growl of animal lust, he arched his back off the bed and grabbed her whole breast into his mouth, as much as he could fit in. Alexandra’s moan went on and on, the rocking of her hips growing faster. She was bouncing up and down on her knees, giving him the friction he knew would send him quicker off the precipice than he’d expected.

Her face had taken on a dreamy cast, and she was staring at him as if she’d never really seen him before. “Cane...oh God. You’re so deep inside me, deep enough that I can feel you here,” she told him, taking his hand and guiding up against where her kidney had to be. Cane groaned roughly, telling her he could feel how deep she’d taken him in, knew his sweet passionate wife could take him as deep as he wanted to go.

She smiled and said yes, before her expression creased as if she was in pain. She began to spring up and down his cock even faster, angling her ass in such a way that he knew that deep within, he was hitting her g-spot. Cane’s hands gripped tightly on her little waist, his hips slamming up to meet hers as their tango reached tumultuous heights.

“You ready?” he asked softly, staring unwaveringly in her eyes as they met each other thrust for thrust. Damn, he hoped she was ready. A few more minutes of Alexandra riding his cock and he’d be unable to hold back the tide. Already he could feel his balls tightening, gathering up against his shaft which he drilled deeper and deeper into his wife’s clenching cock.

She moaned out loud, “Yes, Cane. I’m ready. Please, fill me up and give me your baby.”

Shit! She’d finished him, thought Cane as he groaned like a beast, her words giving him the cue he needed to completely lift off. His fingers gripped so hard on her hips that they made imprints as he stampeded her into a mutual, mind-blowing orgasm. Their bodies and souls collided, the stars were aligned, and finally, Cane and Alexandra stayed jointed as their meteoric release brought them crashing back to blissful earth.

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