Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Six


For Kira his gravelly words acted like a bucket of water in the face. The enormity of what actually happened hit her. Trembling from shock, she pushed herself free and stumbled shakily to her feet before he could react.

“What the hell did I just let happen?” she whispered, clutching at her tousled hair.

Behind her a surprised Blake hunted for his shorts and trousers even as he cursed about where the light switch could be. “Look Kira, what happened was perfectly natural...”

“For you maybe,” Kira cut in with a scornful, humorless laugh.

She was shaking with shame and anger as she bent, groping around the ground for shoes that had fallen off her feet, slipping them on unsteadily before facing Blake in the semi-dark room. “You might be used to first-night quickies but I’m not!” she added brokenly. “I’ve never acted so reckless in my life! Oh my god! What have I done?” Kira felt like her whole world as she knew it had come crashing down. How much wine had she had at dinner? Because she must have been piss drunk to have let this ever happen. And in her boss’s home! With his son! Could it get anymore fucked up?

“Don’t you think I realize that?” Blake said with a gentle, teasing voice which only incensed Kira further.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me,” Kira snarled, poking a finger in his direction. “There’s nothing funny about this being the first time I...I...”

“That you’ve been with a guy?” Blake put in gently when Kira faltered. “At least I know for sure now that you were never my father’s mistress or anything. Kira, I’m...”

“No please, don’t fucking apologize and make it worse,” she said, turning away as the scenes from the last hour flashed across her vision. What the hell had come over her? Hormones had a lot to answer for if they could push her into such mindless behavior.

“I’m now beginning to understand your low opinion of me,” she muttered bitterly. “I’m feeling the same way about myself right now.”

“Don’t regret what just took place, Kira,” Blake said with firmness. “It was what we both wanted; nothing to be ashamed of. And if you’re worried about catching anything, I’m clean. I promise you that I’ve never acted this reckless either. I’m always careful about condoms, but this is the first time this has happened for me too. There’s no way I’d put you at risk like that. Though as for the possibility of getting you pregnant...”

“Well it’s a good thing then that I went on the Pill since I started dating my boyfriend; just in case...Oh shit,” Kira groaned, slapping a hand to her forehead. For the first time she thought of Terry. Sure enough, she must’ve been crazy. From the second Blake kissed her and pushed her against the wall, she’d switched into a different person even she didn’t recognize.

“Kira, relax,” Blake said softly, reaching out to pull her close. “I’ve got a girlfriend as well and that flew right out of my mind too. I can’t explain what just happened but nothing’s ever felt more right to me than what we just did.”

“Even though we only just met and barely even know each other?” she accused.

“That’s a problem easily remedied,” Blake told her with a rakish smile. “Have lunch with me tomorrow. We could...”

“You’re insane,” Kira bit out disgustedly as she broke away from his touch. “How can you even think I’d want anything more to do with you after...after...”

“What do you mean?” Blake said, anger seeping through his tone for the first time as he grabbed her shoulders. “We had chemistry Kira, right from the start. No one could script that. I felt it; you felt it. Or maybe you’re just more comfortable lying to yourself. Is that it?”

I don’t know,” Kira burst out with a sob, before wrenching herself from his grasp one more time. She fled from the room, the door slamming shut after her.

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