Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Twelve


Blake strode out of the elevator on his father’s floor. He’d been summoned and he wondered why. As far as he knew he’d been on his best behavior and hadn’t slipped up on the job lately, so what now?

He walked into the elegantly furnished outer office, stopping short at the sight of Kira’s empty desk. This was the third time this week he didn’t see her seated there during work hours. His cool mask melted into a frown of worry, and he quickly went to his father’s door, knocked and went in.

“Where’s Kira?” he asked without preamble, standing in front of his father’s desk.

Bretton Carter, seated behind it, had an equally worried look on his face. “That’s exactly why I asked you up here. She hasn’t reported in for work since Monday. It’s nearing the end of the week and she hasn’t even phoned. It’s not like her at all. Something’s wrong.”

Blake shrugged, faking his casual tone as he said, “So? Maybe her fiancé couldn’t wait until the wedding day and they decided to elope. They might be at some exotic honeymoon location, having the time of their lives.”

“Cut it out, Blake. You know her better than that.”

Blake cocked an ironic brow at his father. “Really? And how is that possible? When you’ve effectively shut her safely away from my evil clutches?”

His father didn’t seem ready to rise to the bait. “Well, this once I’m letting up. I’ve tried reaching Terry but I was told he’s off on assignment somewhere each time I’ve called his office. So I have no choice but to send you down to her place and find out what could be wrong. I’m worried. This isn’t like her at all.”

Blake hid his surprise, reaching for the piece of paper his father had written on.

“That’s her address. I need you to go over there and see if everything’s okay,” Bretton said.

Staring down at the sheet, Blake’s forehead creased with unease. “Do you really think something’s wrong?”

“I know it,” his father stated. “I should’ve checked on her sooner. Now go out there and prove me wrong.”

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