Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Sixteen


She must’ve fallen asleep and had a really weird dream.

She was in the hospital and there she was lying on the bed when not one, but two little babies were placed in her arms. The cutest little boy and girl she’d ever seen. She loved them so much already. And as she kissed their downy heads tenderly, she sighed thinking, Blake would be so proud.

Kira almost cried out when she woke from her happy dream but then all thought of the dream faded into the distance at the feel of Blake’s soft lips on the back of her neck.

It couldn’t have been more than a few minutes since her eyes had drifted closed. Kira found herself lying on her side, her back to Blake whose kisses now made a moist foray across her bare back. His body was spooned up against hers and she suddenly realized his hand had strayed to cup her breast. He lightly rubbed circles around her nipples and instinctively, her hips wanted to buck and grind into the nudging hardness of his cock nestled against her ass. She couldn’t repress a shudder and a soft, lengthy moan. Damn, that felt delicious...

“At last, Sleeping Beauty awakes,” Blake murmured into her ear, chuckling softly. Kira stiffened almost immediately, blushing to the roots. “Oh no you don’t; you’re not shutting me out, not now,” commanded Blake, turning her gently on her back. Kira was compelled to meet his eyes in the now softly lit bedroom. His freshly washed body smelled wonderfully sexy and felt warm and vibrant beside hers. The look on his face spelled an intent that sent the coil of need tightening within her belly.

“This isn’t going to be like the last time, Kira. I promise; it’s not going to be a mere slaking of lust between strangers in a passionate rush. Instead it’ll be all about a man and his wife sharing the best gift their bodies can experience together. You’ll be left with no doubt how it feels to be taken by a man who adores every inch of your beautiful, irresistible body and wants you to remember, to treasure every memory we make tonight.”

Kira had absolutely no words to respond to that. For the first time there were completely no barriers between them; skin to skin, breaths mingling as his lips hovered over hers. She felt his gaze and it seared more than ever before.

She asked herself a million times over, why him? Why did every little thing about him turn on every switch inside her until she seemed no longer in control of any part of her body or soul?

Maybe there was no answer. Maybe she would never know.

Not that it even mattered.

As always with Blake, details became faded in the background. Everything between them, however, became magnified; the sound of their hearts, beating loudly in sync. One touch; suddenly as fiery as a branding iron. Kira knew then that nothing she could possibly say or do could stop this colossal tide.

Blake nuzzled the hollow behind her ear and a violent tremble shook through her. His cock was very stiff against her soft lower flesh; the thickness of him powerful.

He bit down on her earlobe and Kira’s lips parted in a soft cry. Her body was pressed up against his in a reflexive arch, her hands gripping his lean hips in the way she remembered made him groan. He let out a growl of approval and dropped a hand to caress her breasts, squeezing their plump globes. Shards of pleasure plastered all over her like goose bumps and her head flung back as his stroking fingers grew bolder, pinching on her sensitive nipples until she moaned his name. In turn, he murmured hot words to her, right into her ear, telling her how beautiful she was and how he’d craved just one more taste of her until it almost drove him mad.

“All these months,” he whispered. “You made me need you so bad I thought I’d go insane.”

Kira knew exactly what he meant because she’d suffered the same agony. The deprivation had cost her plenty. She couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. He’d been like a drug in her system that had her craving her next big hit.

He taught her body all over again to want, to need. Kira knew this was how it should’ve been, that first time. This baring heat. This fervency. This...oneness. Built up slow over time and made to last forever.

One large hand splayed across her waist, pinning her down to the bed. Kira let out a gasp, eyes flying open as Blake suddenly turned rougher, more dominant. He seized her lips, and plunged deep with his tongue, making her dizzy. He broke the kiss and left her panting, inching his lips over her arched neck to her pleasure spot right beneath her jaw. She quivered right to the tips of her toes.

His hand on her belly shifted up to her breasts, kneading them with unmistakable entitlement. He touched her like he owned her and she liked it. She liked it very much. She liked that when she arched against him and rubbed herself into his cock, his breath caught in a hiss. He burned for her as hotly as ever before, maybe even more than the first time. Definitely more. His desire was palpable, sending electric charges from his body to hers in a magnetizing transmission of pure lust. Kira’s fingers grappled for fistfuls of the sheets and held on tight, her spine bent back almost in half as Blake’s attention focused on her breasts. This time it was his mouth, tonguing her nipples until they beaded and tingled.

He groaned deeply, nuzzling his face in them and feasting on every inch of flesh like a man famished. Distracted almost out of her mind, Kira was only semi-conscious of his free hand dipping to the crest of her spread thighs. But once he stroked her there; once his knowing fingers parted her pussy lips and he lightly flicked over the little ruby bud that throbbed and hardened with arousal, Kira felt it to her very last molecule.

“What do you want, my love?” he murmured, eyes scanning her face which was flushed with passion. “Apart from my cock buried to the hilt inside your wet, sexy pussy?”

Kira squirmed, breath escaping in short little gasps. Heavens; it felt so good. He used just the right pressure, in the right direction, to have her vulva vibrating like it was plugged in. She was speechless, maybe even mindless.

But he was waiting. And she couldn’t meet his eyes. “ know,” she began, her voice trembling.

Blake’s hand tilted her chin up. “Look at me, sweetheart. Tell me exactly what you want. I want to please you in every way. Don’t be shy. You need to trust me.”

Kira gulped. She felt torn between shyness and the cravings of her brazen body. Even now each muscle, inside and out was tense with excitement of the most carnal kind.

“I want your mouth on me,” she mumbled, cheeks hot. She tried to hide her face in the crook of his neck but he wasn’t having it.

His eyes seemed to smolder with desire. “Where?”

The rasp in his voice was like gravel being crushed into dust. Kira whimpered, eyes shifting as her lower body seemed to turn to jelly. “Down...down there.”

“Down where?”

Oh, he was cruel, Kira thought with an inner cry. She saw his sly smile and wanted to kick him, herself, anything. She’d never done anything like this before and she felt so nasty. So hot.

“You know I’ll do whatever you like,” he murmured, trailing his index finger sensually down on side of her warm face. “I want to make you cum over and over again just to watch the way pleasure plays over your beautiful features as you lose control. But I need to hear that you want this too.”

Kira sighed raggedly, knowing what he meant. Saw it on his face that this time, he wanted that little confirmation from her lips. She hesitated one more moment and he smiled, slipping his finger past her folds and into her slit. She gasped, feeling him probe deep and jam up against her g-spot. He pushed in the second finger, and the two now plunged in and out of her in a telling back and forth stroke. She shuddered endlessly.


“Please.” Her voice was a sob. “I want to feel your mouth on my pussy.”

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