Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)





The sensation of a warm hand settled on my stomach slowly invades my brain, breaking through the deep dreamy fog of sleep. I open my eyes slowly and blink.

It is still dark outside and eerily quiet. No sounds of motorcycle engines revving or drunk people yelling.

Where am I?

The naked body snuggled close behind me is warm and hard. The only thing I want to do is close my eyes and sink back into sleep. Just for a few more blissful minutes. 

Suddenly, the memories of the previous night’s events flood back in a rush.

Oh crap!

I remain perfectly still so as not to wake up Jesse. The man who I now realize is spooned close with his hand on my waist. 

Surprisingly, he is a man of his word.

He didn’t attempt to put the moves on me last night or even try to kiss me. A tad disappointing. Not that he would have been successful. Still, the effort would have been nice.

I meant what I said. No way was I sleeping with him. A one-night stand isn’t something I would consider doing. Not even for a man as drop-dead gorgeous as Jesse.

For a brief moment, I wonder what would happen if I turned over and wrapped my hand around the thick cock pressed against my ass. It would be so natural and easy to go with the flow.

Until it was all over.

And I was left with nothing but regrets.

Stop thinking about it, Trish. Don’t even go there.

I must have been totally wiped out to not wake up when he climbed into the bed next to me. Vaguely, I remember trying my best to stay awake while waiting for him to return. I closed my eyes for just a second, and that is the last thing I remember.

Now I need to slip out and leave before he wakes up.

It will be awkward if we’re both here in the morning, making polite small talk and feeling weird around each other. He’ll have questions for me that I don’t want to answer. He might even offer to take me to breakfast, where we’ll sit across from each other in a greasy diner and tell lies about our life over bacon and eggs.

Or if not lies, then at least not the whole truth.

What can I say about my life anyway? Oh, by the way, I’ve been hanging out with a motorcycle gang who is on the run from the Feds. The president wants to bang me, so I split in the middle of the night. Now I am two hundred dollars away from being homeless and broke. You want me for a girlfriend? I’m a great catch.

Jesse would be out the door so fast he'd leave skid marks on the carpet.

It’s time to end this little adventure before it even begins.

No need to start something I can’t finish, and certainly no reason to drag someone else into my disaster of a life.

I carefully remove Jesse’s arm from across my body and slide out of bed. I don’t take time to do anything except slip on my shoes and grab my bag.

At least I knew better than to unpack any of my things. It was a nice gesture for him to offer sink space. Most men wouldn’t have thought of such a thing and instead would complain about a woman’s stuff cluttering things up. 

At the door, I turn to look back at him one last time.

What on earth am I doing? Leaving a naked, sexy hunk of man in a warm bed all alone?

Full of regret, but knowing I am doing the right thing, I slip out the door and leave him behind.