Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)





I wake up with a start and discover she’s gone without a trace. Can’t say it surprises me. Trish is skittish as hell and running from something. This morning was when I was going to find out exactly what that something is.

A man for certain.

A man with a very bad temper.

Might be a dead man if he ever crosses my path.

I’ve never had much tolerance for men who physically abuse women. Picking on someone smaller and weaker is for pussies. I’ve beaten the shit out of plenty of men for doing less than bruising up a woman.

The thought strikes me that she might have run straight back to him, whoever he is, full of apologies and promises to do better. I hope for her sake that she didn’t.

An image of the mottled bruise on her arm pops into my mind. If nothing else, I kept her safe for the night. Whatever happens today is completely up to her. If she’s fool enough to go running back to him, then there’s not much I can do to stop her.

I roll over and instinctively reach for my wallet on the bedside table. Looking inside, I check to see if anything is missing. When chicks sneak out in the middle of the night, they usually take something that belongs to me with them.

Money, cigarettes, knives.

One time even a pair of my leather gloves.

You name it, fucking broads will steal it if it isn’t tied down.

All of my cash is here. This really doesn’t surprise me either. Trish didn’t strike me as the type of gal to rob and run. Not her style.

Doesn’t matter.

It would have been nice if she could have hung around longer, but I have enough on my plate today dealing with MC business without worrying about some girl and her problems. These days I try to keep my life as drama free as possible. It isn’t always easy to do, especially where women are concerned.

A knock comes at the door. I hear a keycard slide into the lock before Sam opens it and sticks his head inside.

“Where’s your lady friend?” he asks, looking at the empty bed. “Gone already?”

“Yeah, she split,” I answer. I pull on a pair of jeans and slide the wallet into my back pocket.

“You struck out?” Sam claps his hands together in surprise. “Hot damn! That’s a first. You’re losing your touch, big brother.”

“I wouldn’t call it that. The girl has issues, and I haven’t got time to deal with them right now. I’m meeting with the Rebels today to hammer out a distribution deal. Want to ride with me?”

“Sure,” Sam replies. “Don’t have anything better to do except prowl the beach for babes. They’ll still be here when I get back. Bros before hoes, and all that.”

“Speaking of hoes, who else have you invited to Flint’s bachelor party? Roger told me to let him know by tonight how much booze we’ll need and how many strippers we want working the party.”

“Just a few guys. All friends of the MC. You know them.”

“Try to keep it under fifty guys. We don’t want things to get out of hand. Let’s not screw this up. We only get one chance to throw our brother a bachelor party he won’t forget.”

Sam grins. “Or won’t remember.”

“Either way, let’s make sure he has a fucking blast.”