Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)





Things are definitely looking up.

Here I am, less than twenty-four hours from breaking away from the Liberators, and I have a better job and hopefully a new place to stay.

Jesse was right about Roger being a decent man. When I told him about my housing situation, he offered to give me extra hours before my regular shifts setting up the bar.

He also tipped me off that several of the other girls rent a big townhouse together. With his encouragement, I approached the group, and they were thrilled to have an extra person to split the rent. The more the merrier, they said.

I’m beginning to let myself think about the future beyond this week. If Roger would be willing to hire me permanently, I might be able to stick around Panama City for the rest of the summer. Save up enough for a decent car and decide what I want to do with my life.

All of my adult years, I’ve been so caught up with taking care of my mother and her addiction problems that I’ve never thought about what I want to do. It’s past time I give it some serious consideration.

The annoying crackle of the bar’s loudspeaker turning on jolts me out of my thoughts.

“Hello, beautiful ladies!” Roger’s voice rings out over the bar. “Are all stations ready? The doors will open for business in three minutes. Knock ‘em dead tonight.”

After checking my station one last time, I stick a few more beer bottles into the large cooler and tighten up my bikini top in preparation for opening.

“Good luck, Trish!” a girl calls out from across the room.

“You too, Jessica.” I smile and wave back at one of my new roommates. It feels good for a change to have female friends and be almost normal.

I plump up my boobs and apply a final coat of lip gloss.

Bring it on, gentlemen. I’m ready for you.

The bouncers unlock and swing open the wide oak doors. The bikers who have been waiting outside in the hot sun begin to pour in and make their way to the multiple bars.

If the initial crowd is any indication, business is going to be very good tonight. Now that I’m working for myself and not handing over all the money to Ty, I bet I can make five hundred dollars a night if I really try.