Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)





The ride back to the hotel seems to take forever. Trish keeps teasing me by sliding her hand down my stomach and over my belt buckle. I finally have to grab her hand and hold it tight in mine to get her to stop.

I know she’s playing and doesn’t have any idea how incredibly distracting she is being. One small mistake on a bike and we’re both going to end up on the pavement. I would never forgive myself if I had an accident with Trish riding with me.

I’m in such a hurry to fuck her that I don’t wait for the rest of the crew who are following behind us to catch up. When we get inside the hotel room, I slam the door shut and shove her against it.

“Hang on a minute,” she says, pushing against my chest. “I have to take a shower first. There’s no way I’m letting you touch me when I smell like smoke and spilled beer.”

“You really think I care?” I ask, burying my face in the space between her ear and neck.

“Maybe not, but I do,” she says. “Don’t you want me smelling nice and clean?” She untangles herself from my arms and quickly slips around me. “I won’t be long.”

She points to the bed as she walks past it. “Make yourself comfortable while you wait, Mr. Mason.”

Hurrying off to the bathroom, she goes inside, shuts the door, and turns on the shower.

Make myself comfortable? I wonder how she thinks that will be possible with a hard-on so thick I need to unzip my jeans. One touch of her body, and all I can think about is sinking deep inside her again and again.

She’s like a drug that I can’t get enough of. The more I get, the more I crave. Trish is driving me mad, and the worst part is that she doesn’t even realize it.

I strip off my shirt and walk to the bathroom door. The shower is still running. Damn! I pace the room back and forth like a caged tiger. How long has she been in there? Three minutes? Surely that’s long enough to rinse off. I can’t wait any longer. Opening the bathroom door, I step inside and rip back the shower curtain.

“Jesse! What the hell!” she yelps while instinctively trying to cover her breasts.

I reach over and turn off the water.

“Come on. Out you go. You’re wasting water. Haven’t you ever heard of water conservation?”

I grab a towel to throw on the floor for her to step on and another to wrap around her.

“Who are you? Greenpeace?” she says as she steps out of the shower. “I still have soap on me.”

I smile at her confused expression. She can’t tell if I’m serious or joking about the water. Leaning forward, I wrap the towel around her and pull her to me. “Got you now,” I tease, tugging the towel tighter so she’s caught against my body. “No escape for you, naughty water waster.”

“I’m going to get you all wet,” she protests, spreading her hands against my bare chest. “And soapy.”

“A problem soon to be rectified.”

I take the edges of the towel and start drying her off. First her shoulders and arms, then I slide the towel lower and gently swab the soap from her lush breasts. A water droplet slides down the rounded globe and hangs on the tip of her nipple. I lean down and lick it off slowly.

God! She’s irresistible.

“You need a warning tattoo that says slippery when wet,” I tease.

She glances up with a slightly embarrassed look, and I chuckle at her bashfulness.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean that as dirty as it sounded.” I swallow hard as her large nipples harden right in front of my eyes. “Or on second thought, maybe I did.”

I kneel down in front of her, putting my face on the same level as her belly button. Shifting the towel down, I rub her ass dry, then her upper thighs. When I reach her stomach, I drop the towel, unable to resist the temptation any longer. With a loud groan, I bury my face in the waxed mound between her legs.

“Your skin is so warm and smooth,” I say, inhaling deeply.

I close my eyes tight and drink in her sweetness until I’m reeling. My brain fogs over as her utter sexiness goes straight to my head. She’s like a straight shot of tequila, only a hundred times more potent.

“Damn, you smell so delicious,” I say, kissing my way over her hip bone and down her inner thigh. “I know you’ll taste even better.”

She grabs my shoulders with both hands for support. “Jesse, what are you doing?” she asks unsteadily, her voice so soft it’s almost a whisper. Her firm, heavy breasts rise and fall with shaky breaths, the nipples still wet and engorged.

I don’t break eye contact with her as I firmly push open her thighs, baring her to my gaze. She moves one foot slightly and willingly opens herself to me, her pussy already glistening.

“You know I will do anything to please you, right?” I say.

She nods and timidly moves her legs wider to give me access. I spread her damp folds apart with my thumbs and slam my tongue deep inside her.

Her dripping wet pussy tastes intoxicating. I close my eyes and bury my tongue deep into her slit, savoring her moistness against my face. The powerful sweet flavor drives me over the edge, getting me so hard and thick that I’m throbbing. Above me, I hear her whimper my name.

I’m torn between wanting to drown my face in her sweet nectar and taking her now against the bathroom wall. When she grabs a fistful of my hair and grinds her pussy into my face, it makes my choice easy.

There’s nothing I want more than to drive her wild and make her loose all control. Anything less than hearing her scream my name won’t be enough.

“You’re melting for me, baby,” I murmur, moving my tongue to flick at her clit. Sliding my hands around, I cup her ass cheeks, massaging them beneath my large hands and holding her steady.

“Oh God,” she says, breathing hard now.

I lick faster over her clit and look up to see her staring down at me, lips parted and eyes hazy with lust. Her whole body is tight and I know she is almost over the edge. With a hoarse groan, I dig my face deeper into her pussy. I want to feel her cum all over my face.


She grips my head tighter and rides my tongue through an endless, powerful release. I forget how to breathe as her orgasm spasms wildly around my nose and tongue, her hot juices spilling into my mouth. Desperately I try to drink it all in like a starving man, her smell, her taste, the sound of her voice calling my name. Never has eating a woman’s pussy ever felt so damn amazing. Grasping her ass tightly, I brace her up with my arms so she doesn’t collapse on the tile floor.

Shit! I’m in so deep. How the fuck did this happen?

I can’t imagine what I could have ever done in my wretched life to deserve Trish being here with me at this moment. All I know is that I’ll do anything it takes now to make her stay.

When her breathing slows, I stand up and scoop her up in my arms like a tiny child. Kicking the door wide, I make my way to the bed and place her gently on the edge.

Trish links her arm behind my neck and pulls my lips down to hers for a long kiss. “Now it’s your turn,” she says, locking her eyes with mine and running her tongue slowly along her moist lips to lick off her own taste.

The erotic gesture hits me like a taser straight to my cock. Damn! She’s so fucking sexy. I can’t remember ever needing any woman as bad as I want her.

“The question is, why are you still wearing pants?” she asks, grabbing my belt buckle and sliding it loose.

“Good question,” I say, whipping the belt loose from the loops and stepping out of my jeans. My long, hard cock springs free and bobs in front of her face.

She smiles up at me with a sensual gleam in her eyes. Leaning down, she cups my balls in one hand and encircles my hardened cock with the other. With her thumb, she rubs the slit then licks off the pre-cum on the bulbous tip.

“Oh Christ!” I mutter, summoning every bit of willpower I have not to grab her head with both hands and shove my cock deep down her throat. I swear to God she’s killing me. She has no idea how much effort it is taking me to stay in control.

“Do you want more?” she asks, opening her mouth wide and sliding the entire length of my cock between her lips.

She moves her hands to grip my ass, pulling me as far into her mouth as I can possibly go. Her nose touches my stomach and my cock hits the back of her throat. Black spots float in front of my eyes. I fight like hell to keep from loosing it completely. 

She doesn’t flinch or gag as she slides my cock all the way out to the tip and takes it again and again. The sight of her lips wrapped around my cock is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I blink back the sweat dripping into my eyes. If I’m not careful, a couple more thrusts and I’ll be spurting wads of cum down her throat.

Fuck! I need to take a deep breath and slow this down before it’s over way too soon.

“As much as I love the feel of my cock in your sweet mouth, I want to be inside you even more,” I tell her, sliding out of her mouth and pushing her down on the bed. “Right now, I want you on top, riding my cock where I can see your beautiful tits and face.” I stretch out onto my back and drag her over my chest.

She straddles me with her hands on my chest for balance, her knees resting on either side of me. Reaching up, I pull her long hair forward and down over her breasts, loving how the strands barely brush her nipples. With my knuckles, I stroke the curve of her breasts and catch the nipples lightly between my fingers.

She arches her back and leans into my touch. “You don’t need to ask me twice,” she says, reaching behind her to stroke my cock.

I grip her waist tightly, fighting against the urge to lift her up with my bare hands and impale her on my bursting cock. She scoots back and rises up on her knees. With one hand, she guides the tip of my cock to her slippery pussy.

My eyes lock on the scene before me. Face to face, Trish on top, her body flushed with heat, poised above my waiting cock. Her nipples are swollen and rigid, begging for my hands.

Should I look or should I touch? I can’t decide.

Lifting her hips, she edges herself onto the tip then sinks down inch by inch until I’m halfway buried deep inside her.

I groan as I hear her swift intake of breath.

She slides the rest of the way down until her ass is bumping on my thighs and my entire cock has filled her to the balls. Moisture from her wet pussy drips down and coats my thighs.

My brain is about to explode.

Fuck taking it slow.

God help me, I can’t do it.

I meant to let her take the lead and control the speed, but now that I’m inside her, all I can think about is driving in harder and deeper. With my hands on either side of her waist, I lift her up and thrust back into her. She rides me hard and fast, being careful not to slide off the tip.

With a loud cry, she cums all around my cock, her pussy pulsating and clenching me tighter. Her breasts heave as her whole body shakes. I keep my eyes pinned on her face, not wanting to miss anything.

“That’s it, baby,” I say. “God! How I love watching you cum.”

I give up trying to hold back any longer. A man can only take so much and I’m way past my limit. I thrust one last time and explode deep inside her. She leans forward and clenches tightly around me, milking my cock for every last drop. Our eyes meet and I lose myself in her gaze.

When our breathing slows, I slide my hands down her arms to grip her wrists. Bringing her hands to my face, I kiss her palms then interlock my fingers with hers.

“Don’t move yet,” I say. “I want to hold onto this sight a little bit longer.” Leaning forward, I nuzzle the valley between her heavy breasts.

“Was it okay for you?” she whispers, looking unsure of my answer.

I smile at the ridiculous question and lick her nipple. “If it gets any better, you’ll have to call an ambulance to haul me off. Why would you ask something crazy like that?”

Her fingers trace the tattoos running down my right arm. “I’ve never been on top before,” she says. “I didn’t want you to be disappointed.”

Never been on top? How can that be?

“Disappointed in you? Not going to happen.”

Curiosity gets the best of me. I have to know.

“Trish, how many men have you been with?”

“You can’t ask me that,” she says with a horrified look. “It’s against the rules.”

“I never play by the rules. Answer me.”

“Only two,” she finally says, not meeting my eyes. “The first time was in the back seat of a car when I was a teenager. The second was my boss at a fast food joint. I thought he loved me. Turned out he was married with three little kids. So as you can see, my sexual experience is basically nonexistent. I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” I say, wrapping my arms around her back and pressing her breasts against my chest. “I’m sure as hell not. The only thing you should be sorry for is telling me. Now my head is filled with filthy, dirty ideas. All the things I want to do to you and show you.”

She nibbles on my ear and my cock twitches inside her, already coming to life again.

“Make a list,” she says. “We’ll check them off as we go.”

“Honey, I’m way ahead of you. I’m already on number ten.”