Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter One


Six months later...

Flint never looked back once the decision was made to return home to the Steel Infidels. Surprisingly, after the funeral, the motorcycle club accepted him readily back into the fold, breaking one of their firmest and most steadfast rules - if you left the club, you never came back.

He knew the vote to allow him back in wasn’t unanimous. Of the twelve remaining voting members of the MC, there were two votes against him: Rocco, a convicted felon and owner of a shady car repo business and Danny, his brother.

Flint wasn’t too upset about it. He suspected the main reason Rocco voted against him was because of his deep mistrust of anyone involved in the legal profession. Allowing a lawyer into the club’s most private and secret dealings would be a bitter pill to swallow. And unfortunately, Rocco wasn’t smart enough to appreciate how much the club could use Flint’s expertise in the legal field, especially considering some of their more recent activities.

Flint hoped the brothers would eventually come around. The strength of the MC depended on the solidarity of its members. While the majority ruled in voting situations, every individual vote was still taken solemnly and seriously.

The other ten members had voted yes more out of loyalty to his older brother, Jesse, the current president of the MC, than to him. There was no doubt that at some point, the crew would demand Flint to prove his loyalty to the club. When that day came, he would be expected to do whatever task was given to him without question or hesitation. He was ready and willing though he knew the task might be brutal and would definitely be illegal.

He’d made the mistake of turning his back on the MC once. No matter what, he wouldn’t let them down again.

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