Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)





I leave a note for Trish and slip out to meet up with the rest of the crew in Sam’s room. Since the plan to lure Trish’s brother didn’t pan out, I decide to go ahead with Flint’s bachelor party tonight.

We’ve already spent too much of our time in Panama City worrying about the Liberators. I don’t want those assholes to spoil Flint’s bachelor party, too.

“Where’s Flint?” Sam asks when I step into his room packed with the rest of the crew.

“I sent him out for donuts so we can finalize plans for his party. Someone should watch for him out the window.”

“Do you really think it’s a good idea to still throw the party?” Rocco asks. “We can do that any old time. We’ve got more important things to deal with right now.”

I’m not surprised he is the one questioning my judgment. Rocco and his brother, Danny, have never been big fans of Flint. They never truly forgave him for leaving the MC and going off to law school. The only reason they voted to let him back in was because I asked them to as a personal favor to me. The brothers tolerate Flint, but that’s about the extent of it.

“Roger has already set aside a room and ordered the booze,” I explain. “And I’ve already given him a non-refundable deposit, so I think we should proceed as planned unless we have a good reason not to. Sam and I have also invited several other bikers from friendly clubs. It will be a good chance for us to solidify our relationships with them. The party isn’t just about Flint. It’s about bringing a group of bikers together to relax, let loose, and to have some fun. That’s why we’re having it here during the bike rally instead of back home.”

A few of the crew cross their arms and give me concerned looks.

“Come on, guys!” Sam says in encouragement. “We need to have some fun while we can. We only have two more nights here in Panama City and then it’s time to head back home. Back to the old grindstone. I’m voting for the party.”

Rocco looks at him in exasperation. “Damn it, Sam! When are you not voting for a party? What about the Liberators? Shouldn’t we be spending our time looking for them instead of getting wasted?”

“I understand your concerns,” I say. “I suspect the Liberators have gone into hiding again. Big Roy probably flipped his shit when he realized Ty slipped up and exposed them. Plus, Trish is with us now and she knows where they’ve been living back at their hometown. The Liberators are not going to just sit around and wait for the Feds to come pick them up. My guess is they’re long gone.”

Sam jumps back from the window. “Flint’s coming,” he says. “Hurry up and tell them about the strippers.”

“Damn it, Sam!” I throw up my hands. “The strippers were supposed to be a big surprise for everybody. Can you ever keep a secret?”

“Too late now. Tell them.”

“Now that big mouth here has spoiled the surprise, I’ll go ahead and tell you that Roger will also be providing us with several private strippers for the party.”

Tom Brewer slaps his leg and stands up. “Why didn’t you say so ten minutes ago? This meeting is over as far as I’m concerned. What time do we need to be in the private room?”

“Ten o’clock, and don’t be late. Sam and I will make sure Flint is there. Rocco, are you in?”

Rocco slowly nods. I walk over and grab him by the shoulder. “If any shit goes down tonight, back me up, brother. I need you there with me.”

He grasps my arm. “Always, Jesse. No matter what. Club first.”