Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)





“There’s something I need to tell you about tonight,” Jesse says.

He is sitting on the bed waiting for me to finish getting ready for work. The troublesome look on his face scares me. I stop fiddling with my hair and give him my full attention.

“What is it? Did you find out something about the Liberators? Is it Ty?”

He grabs my hand and pulls me onto his lap. “Nothing like that,” he says. “And I haven’t heard anything about the Liberators. It’s no big deal really, but something I should warn you about.”

Now I’m really worried. I pull back to look at him closely. “So tell me.”

“We’re throwing Flint a bachelor party tonight at the bar. Roger reserved a private room for us upstairs.”

I blink at him, not liking the sound of this.

“What kind of bachelor party? I didn’t know Roger rented out private rooms for special events.”

Jesse makes a face and tugs my hair playfully. “The regular kind of bachelor party. You know, lots of bikers, booze...and strippers.”

I remove his arms from around me and slide off his lap. “Okay.”

He looks perplexed. “You’re upset. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” I say, my voice coming out more irritable than I mean for it to. The mental image of naked strippers crawling all over Jesse punches me in the gut.

“Is it the strippers? You realize it’s just a guy thing, right? It doesn’t mean anything. Whooping and hollering over strippers is what men do at bachelor parties. It won’t go any further than that, and I didn’t hire any hookers if that is what you’re worrying about. Can’t have a bachelor party without strippers.”

He starts talking fast, which is a dead giveaway that he knows this is making me uneasy.

“Lots of our biker friends will be there, too,” he continues. “Guys we haven’t seen in a long time. It will be a big get-together more than anything.”

“Yeah, it’s okay, really. I get it.” I manage a tiny smile. “I hope you all have a good time.”

In my mind, I’m running through a list of girls from the bar who mentioned they’re traveling strippers. Ugh! They’re all so pretty, extremely well-endowed, and very touchy feely with the customers.

Do they let the men touch them while they’re stripping? I have no idea. My experience with strippers is only what I’ve seen on television. I’ve heard they offer private lap dances. What does that even mean? Oh God!

Now I’m freaking out without any right to. Jesse hasn’t mentioned one word to me about trying to get together again after this week is over. I know he’s going home in two days, and I don’t know where the hell I’ll be.

Jesse gives me a devilish grin that I can’t resist and slips up behind me. “You’re actually mad about this, aren’t you? You’re jealous. And so hot when you’re angry.” He slides his hands around my waist.

I push against his arms and try to get away. “Oh no, you don’t. Let me go. I need to finish getting ready for work. I’m going to be late.”

“Not yet,” Jesse says. “Maybe when you sound like you really mean it.” He leans around to kiss me, and I playfully turn my head from his lips. He merely chuckles and presses the kiss to my neck instead, attaching his mouth to the nape of my neck. Tracing his lips over my sensitive skin, he nibbles wickedly.

He slides his hands under my shirt and reaches up to cup my breasts.  “Are you worried I’ll do this to one of the strippers?” He pinches my nipples hard, and I close my eyes and lean back into him. “Or this?”

Instinctively, he knows what I want as he rotates the flat of his hand over each enlarged nipple then squeezes the oversized buds.

“Just so you know, I’ve never seen a stripper with breasts as lovely as yours,” he murmurs, tugging my shirt off over my head. “Your breasts are real and soft as a pillow. The first thing that went through my head the night I met you is how much I wanted to do this.”

Whirling me around, he kisses his way down my neck then catches one hardened nipple in his mouth and tugs hard with a firm insistent pull.

Damn! That feels good.

“I wanted my mouth here,” he says, kissing between my breasts, “and then here,” nipping my nipple with his teeth. “All I could think about was ripping your bikini top off right there in the bar and kissing my way all the way down from your neck to your pussy. Hell! What am I saying? It’s all I still think about. I’m semi-hard every time I’m near you, and when I touch you something in my head fucking explodes.”

Jesse buries his face in my neck, and I feel the wall at my back without even realizing he’d shoved me against it.

“Touch me and you’ll realize what you do to me,” he says, dragging my hand down his front to rest on the bulge under his belt. “No stripper could make me feel this way. Are you wet for me? Because I’m sure as hell hard for you.”

I press my hand against his cock through his jeans. “Why don’t you find out for yourself?” I say in invitation.

With a pleased grunt, he props me up against the wall and quickly bunches my skirt up above my waist.

“No panties?” he asks in surprise, cupping my ass cheeks with each hand.

“I wasn’t finished getting dressed.”

“Lucky for me.”

He slides his hand between my thighs. “You’re drenched,” he says, parting my pussy lips and pushing two fingers deep inside me. “Hot and juicy. I love it when you’re wet. It tells me how badly you want this too, even if you’re too shy to say the words.”

He strokes in and out with his fingers, trying to drive me mad, then bites down roughly on my nipple again. Smart man. He knows I love it. My nipples are so hard and swollen they’re aching in agony. I squeeze my eyes tight and arch my back.

My body craves him like it’s my next breath. Every part of me aches for Jesse in this moment.

I want him. Desperately. Now.

Tugging at his belt buckle, I quickly pull the belt loose and unzip his jeans. I slide my hand inside in one smooth move and encircle the solid hardness. A shudder slams through him, and the hitch in his breathing tells me he’s as turned on as I am. I stroke him slowly from his tip all the way down to his balls...once, twice.

His breathing quickens and he grabs my hand to stop me. “You had better not start something you can’t finish, little lady,” he warns in a voice suddenly thick with lust.

“Oh, this lady has every intention of finishing it,” I say, leaning close and whispering into his mouth. “As long as you fuck me now. Hard and fast. Like I know you want to.”

“Fuck you?” he growls. “I’ll fucking own you.”

In one powerful move, he picks me up and throws me so hard on the bed that I bounce.

“How hard and fast do you want it?” he says, quickly tugging my skirt down over my knees and ankles.

Wow! What kind of an animal did I just unleash?

“The best you got,” I throw back at him.

He strips out of his jeans and tosses them on the floor along with my skirt. Flipping me over on my stomach, he pulls me back so that I’m positioned on my knees. With his hands, he parts my ass and places the tip of his cock at my pussy lips. For a split second he hesitates, and I realize he’s waiting for a signal from me.

“Do it,” I urge. “Don’t you dare hold back, Jesse.”

“Fuck!” he mutters loudly. 

All it takes is one high-powered motion and he is buried to the hilt inside me. We both breathe out harshly at the jarring contact. Jesse’s hands are heavy on my hips, gripping me so tightly that I can feel the imprints of his fingers.

He lunges in with deep, long thrusts, stretching out each moment as long as he can. I grip the pillow tightly in my hands. This is exactly what I want. To feel the raw masculine power in those strong, tattooed muscles that Jesse has been holding back from me.

“Is this what you want?” he asks, his voice hoarse with unfiltered lust.

“Yes!” I cry, surrendering completely to his total dominance and possession. My breasts swing and jiggle as he slams into me harder with each pump. The headboard bangs against the wall.

His movements grow more driven and animalistic. The harder he rams into me, the more I love it. I close my eyes and lose myself in the bliss that is Jesse.

I’m so close.

Now I know what pure ownage feels like.

Suddenly he pulls out and twists me over. “I want to see your face when you cum,” he says.

He slides his cock back in and pulls my legs up to wrap them around his shoulders. Sweat is rolling down his face. “I’m going in deep this time, baby,” he warns before plunging into me further than I ever imagined.

I love the way every muscle in his arms and shoulders flex and the heat of his hot skin pressing up hard against mine. Three thrusts in this position and I’m over the edge. I barely hear his sharp intake of breath as my orgasm contracts and pulses tightly around his cock. When I stop shuddering he begins to move again, his thrusts growing more erratic.

“I can’t hold out,” he groans, holding my head tightly between his hands and capturing my mouth in a deep kiss as he cums inside me.

His body shudders and finally stills. He gasps for breath and nuzzles his face in the curve of my neck. When his breathing slows, he tightens his grip on me, holding me so close I can barely breathe.

Something is changing with him. I can feel it deep down in my soul.

“You’re unraveling me,” he says simply, and I know exactly what he means.