Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter One

The white-columned Antebellum mansion was gorgeous. Angela Neil had never seen anything so grand. She leaned forward from the plush passenger seat of the limo so she could better view the expanse of the grounds as the chauffeur rode around the circular drive. The one-hour ride finally ended; they had arrived.

The shrubs near the front entrance of the mansion were being trimmed by a handful of gardening staff. Two expensive-looking cars, one an SUV and the other a Porsche, were parked just off the side of the three-story home.

Angela took a deep breath and sat back against the warm leather.

What was she setting herself up for here? Her agent, Megan Shaw had been vague. Something about an interesting job that would require Angela’s acting skill. Angela had wanted names and details, but Megan had said the client preferred to maintain discretion and privacy until Angela had the chance to meet him in person.

Angela was intrigued. She didn’t get this kind of strange offer every day. To meet a rich guy at his fancy Nashville mansion to discuss a mysterious job proposal. Angela’s brow furrowed. If she didn’t trust Megan so much, she’d never have agreed to even go along with this encounter no matter how much he was willing to pay.

It didn’t help that she happened to be out of acting work at the moment. Not to mention being flat out broke with the bills piling up every day. It wasn’t that Angela succumbed to the age-old vice of living beyond her means. Instead every penny she made went toward her father’s assisted living facility. A good paying job would be very helpful toward paying down a few of her bills. Getting decent care for her father was the most important thing in the world to her and there wasn’t much she wouldn’t do to provide for it if she could.

That didn’t mean she was desperate though. When she’d pressed Megan for more information, Megan had stood firm. “All that’s required is a little bit of your time, Angela. You can be assured of your safety as I won’t put you up for something questionable. I’m quite sure you’ll be interested in what this potential client has to say. It won’t hurt for you to go listen to him. ”

“You’d better not be sending me to something fishy,” Angela had replied. If this was some eccentric moneybag trying to get her attention so he could proposition her, she’d strangle someone.

Angela couldn’t exactly call herself a starlet but she did have her share of crazy offers from rich men who believed that just because she was a struggling actress, she could be treated like a cheap lay. She’d received a few indecent proposals in the past and she wasn’t entertaining such rubbish if that was the case.

This time, Megan had sounded offended. “Just trust me, okay? I’ve always had your best interests at heart and this is no different. You don’t have to agree to anything at this point; just go to the interview. A driver will be sent to pick you up at three tomorrow. Be ready.”

Angela had sighed with frustration when she’d finally hung up. Megan wasn’t usually so mysterious. What was so special about this job and why the secrecy? How much had Megan been offered to get her to even be interested in something like this? A private meeting in the home of a stranger at an unknown location. Angela fought down a shiver. If anything happened to her, she’d never forgive that agent of hers.

Her vengeful thoughts made her lips tilt in a small smile, which faded as the limo finally came to a stop. She inhaled deeply, hesitating slightly when the chauffeur came round and held open the door for her. This was it. Whatever ‘this’ was. She was a big girl; she could face almost anything that came her way. And she’d been assured that if she didn’t like what she heard, she could leave. Surely she had nothing to lose?

Gathering her composure like a shawl around her, Angela stepped elegantly from the limousine.

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