Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Two


One thing was for sure; he knew how to get his intentions across, noted Angela some minutes later. Turned out her mystery host was a private and wealthy man who for a few short weeks required someone to perform the role of his girlfriend.

Angela’s misgivings lightened somewhat. This wasn’t totally unheard of. Professional escorts did this all the time, didn’t they? And she wasn’t thinking about the call girl variety of course. But the independent companions who were paid to play the attentive, refined girlfriend to a discerning and well-heeled client. Men of standing who sought elegant, beautiful and charming women they would be proud to showoff as a companion for a given amount of time. Women who would be able to blend into any given environment, and shine whatever the occasion. Naturally these women would understand the client’s need for a fleeting no-strings attachment that would terminate once the service was no longer required.

At her age of twenty-seven Angela was comfortable with such arrangements, but had never been in the situation before. However, she couldn’t help being interested especially when he got to the part about the payment involved. When she heard the amount, her eyebrows shot up.

“As you can imagine I have no problem compensating you handsomely for your time and convenience. A contract will draw up the elements of your duties in more detail, and once you agree the papers will be signed.”

Angela nodded her understanding, staring harder at him and wishing she could see more of his appearance. She wondered what he looked like.

“Is there anything else you’d like to know?”

Those words from him made Angela start. So far her mind had been in a whirl considering all the possibilities. Now she couldn’t help but frown slightly as she said, “Actually, I do have one question. Why are you doing this? Surely there are plenty of women willing to date you. With your money you must have women tripping over themselves to be on your arm.”

There were a few moments of silence before he replied.

“Frankly, I need a woman who will focus on the job without cultivating any romantic notions where I am concerned,” Shane Davis said bluntly. “I chose not to go the route of conventional dating because I don’t require the restrictions of an authentic relationship. All I need is someone who will play her part, and then go on her merry way when the job is done. That’s what all that money is for, Ms. Neil. I’m buying your time and your confidentiality as well as the assurance that once the time comes, you’ll go your way without a fuss and I’ll go mine. Strictly business.”

“I like the sound of that,” Angela surprised herself by saying. Well, she did. For all that money, she would be okay with being his arm candy for a few weeks. She’d have imagined he’d prefer one of those Barbie type blondes or whatever the stereotype for the perfect girlfriend was these days for a man of means.

But like he’d said, he had his reasons. They obviously didn’t concern her which was cool, for now. However she’ll be looking carefully over the fine print before she signed anything. She wondered if she’d need a lawyer? Not that she could afford one.

Angela was already weighing the proposition and calculating what that kind of money would do to her ailing bank balance. Her mind was busy whirling as she considered her turn of fortune when his next words made her head snap back.

“There’s only one catch, Ms. Neil,” said Shane Davis very plainly. Something in his voice had Angela narrowing her eyes as she held her breath.

“During our temporary liaison, I’ll expect you to share my bed.”

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