Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Eleven


She told him.

Looked him deep in his eyes, and shared her deepest, darkest fantasies starring him. Shane groaned, his face buried in the crook of her neck as he whipped in deep breaths misted with her delicious scent.


Her beauty astounded him. He’d meant it when he’d said there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to please her sexy body. So silky smooth and soft all over. Her face was rosy with desire, her hair mussed sensually on the pillows and her curves dangerously designed to drive him out of his fucking mind.

Everything she wanted of him, he longed for even more deeply for himself. When he kissed her lips, it was for his pleasure as much as hers. Just as when he licked his way all over her throat, shoulders and breasts, it got him just as rock hard as it made her slippery wet.

God but she tasted of heaven on his tongue. Like a mix of honey and cocoa milk with a dash of feminine musk that called to the savage in him. He had to blink several times to ward off the black surge of hunger that almost compelled him to rip her sexy panties off and ram into her in one long, swift stroke of possession. Bury his cock right up to the base inside her snug, streaming walls.

Shane knew she’d like his rough, rugged side. But for now, he wanted to show her he knew how to take care of her softer, subliminal needs.

He looked up at her face, made even lovelier with the wash of glowing ecstasy on her features. Her firm, heavy breasts rose and fell with her shaky breaths, the nipples still wet from his mouth sucking long and hard on them till he knew they’d tingled almost agonizingly. She just might feel sore tomorrow. Good. He wanted her to remember everything they shared tonight. As would he.

Shane didn’t break contact with her eyes as he pushed open her thighs, baring the now transparent crotch of her panties to his gaze. He flattened his tongue over her clothed sex and licked upwards, tracing every inch of her swollen vulva. She shuddered and gasped, gushing out more cream that further dampened her already soaked underwear. He teased her some more, nipping her panties with his teeth and lapping against the slick fabric until the outline of her pussy seemed puffy with the rush of arousal filling the blood vessels there.

Angela was panting and clutching at the sheets. She looked ready to erupt, her hips moving in a carnal dance of pleasure. To calm her from her sensual high, he stroked his hands up her slender calves, trailing his fingers up the back of her knees.

When her breathing had become less ragged, he released her legs and settled his shoulders in between her spread thighs. Looking deeply up at her, he commanded her to touch her breasts. “I want to watch you play with those beautiful tits while you watch me.”

Angela moaned and arched her back, cupping her luscious breasts obediently. She fondled them, her tongue snaking out to lick around her lips. Shane’s brain did that fogging over thing that happened anytime Angela’s utter sexiness went too much to his head. He had to slow the fuck down or this would be over too soon, his cum spurting on her thighs. It had been so long since he’d wanted anything like this with anyone.

Not that the women hadn’t been beautiful. That high-priced escort, or all those other random women he’d met who’d tried to worm their way into his life. They’d all wanted something from him in their own way. Though his body might have been stirred; his heart and mind were far from them.

With Angela, she engaged every part of his being until she was engrained right in his pores, even to the recesses of his cells. Weeks and weeks of wanting her had driven him to this; to the point he was almost shaking. From that moment she’d walked into his study in that sexy-sweet white dress and the hem teasing her knees, he’d wanted no other woman in his bed but her.

And now she was here, laid out like a banquet. He didn’t know what good he’d done in the past to bring this to pass. Now he’d do whatever it took to keep her here. But first, he needed to feel the downpour of her nectar on his tongue, absent any more barriers.

Using his index finger, he tugged aside the drenched panel of her panties. The sight of her tightly-furled sex made him groan deep in his gut as once again, his cock threatened to spill. It took all his hard-won self-control to keep him focused on the delightful task ahead of him.

Angela’s labia was swollen, her soft inner thighs wet with lubrication down to the crack of her ass. Her clitoris stood fully erect, peeping from its hood just atop the thin sliver of pink flesh visible within her slit.

His tongue edged close to her pussy by first licking over her glassy inner thighs. Soon he was plucking at her puffy folds with his lips and dancing his tongue in circles around her creamy vulva.

Just as he thought, her taste was divinely addictive, and even inflammatory. Nothing he’d ever tasted came close to this sexual ambrosia. The only thing wrong with that moment was that he couldn’t spend all night eating her out. But some other time, yes. Hours and hours would be taken just licking, sucking and delving deep into her lovely folds with his tongue and lips. She’d pleasured him so selflessly and uninhibitedly. He would not only return the gesture; he would blow her freaking mind.

To his satisfaction, he found her pulling hard on her nipples with her fingers when he looked up at her again. Fuck but she was hot. Now that he’d had just a bite of Angela’s warm pussy, he didn’t know if his taste buds would ever be craving anything else. All he’d ever want, ever need, was her.

Once again, Shane had to remind himself that the future could wait. He had to make the here and now count. One thing was for sure, no way was he ever letting her go. Whatever it took he’d make her see how good it could be just over the horizon. They had hurdles; she was fiercely independent and he had to give up his damned pride and ease off worrying about how damaged he was on the outside. Angela had healed him and given his hope back in the outside world. Now all he could do to repay her was give her all the love and tenderness he had inside and give her the best reasons to stay.

Love and tenderness...

Shit! He really was in deep. Those two words had never been in his vocabulary, even before the accident. He’d always felt the certainty that without his money, looks or power many of the women who flocked around him wouldn’t even be there. All his young life, he’d played the field. Pleasure was the name of the game and once he’d had his fill, the nameless female was out the door. Those who stuck around long enough to feel comfortable ended up getting the shock of their lives when he gave them the boot with the solace of compensation of either money or jewelry to keep them from being too cut up by it.

He’d been an ass. He knew that without being told.

Now Shane liked to think he’d changed – for the better. And this beautiful, brown-eyed goddess had a lot to do with it. There was so much positive energy spilling out from her and he felt her goodness even beneath her vivacious shell. That one time in the entertainment room where she’d pulled him close to dance with him had been the moment he’d fallen head over heels. He’d always known he’d desired her but it took only that moment to realize he wanted to spend forever with this woman.

And if he was lucky, forever would start tonight.

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