Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Twelve


Two months later...

How had Angela managed to be so blind to his feelings?

He hadn’t needed a mindreader to tell him why she’d walked away. He’d been devastated when he’d woken up that morning and she was gone, after the best night of his life. After Angela had given herself to him, he’d been so sure he had it all worked out. That like him, she felt it; that electric surge between them that was like a force of nature. Something too powerful and precious to deny or cast aside.

It pained and tormented him each day since then to find out he’d been wrong.

Hating himself for his weakness even as he succumbed to it, Shane slowly pulled out something from his locked drawer. The latest file on Angela, gathered by the investigator he’d hired. Every new picture of her showed her even more beautiful and alluring than the last. His heart pounded and then tightened with emotions he couldn’t define as he stared at her smiling as she walked into a studio accompanied by one of her co-actors. She’d been all over the news lately after landing the lead role in a major crime series. Critics were praising producers for taking the risk as well as commending Angela Neil for giving an impressive performance at the auditions.

Shane was happy for her. That her fairy tale was coming true. He’d always wished he could give her the world and now she had the world at her feet. She wouldn’t need him. Probably already forgotten, happily so, that he’d ever existed. But for him, she was never far from his thoughts; his dreams.

Angela had struck his heart in so many ways. She’d never acted turned off by his face. He thought money could buy him anything. But Angela showed him she was different. She’d chosen to face the uncertain world of chasing her acting career, then spending a few more months with him at whatever price he wanted to think up. Shane had intended to make it one generous enough to make her find it impossible to refuse. But she’d never given him the chance to make an offer and deep down, he guessed she’d never have agreed to it anyway. She couldn’t be bought at any price.

He wanted her back. With all his soul and mind. However, she’d obviously moved on and he had no right hoping that somehow, she’d find her way back to him.

And yet...maybe he didn’t have to wait and hope. He wasn’t going to keep staring into the horizon wishing and wondering. He’d been scarred by rejection too many times since the accident. But this time, here was something worth fighting for.

He could win her back. He knew it. All he needed to do was become a man she’d be proud to be with.

Grabbing his cellphone, he quickly punched in a number.

“Chandler. It’s Shane.”

“Hey buddy,” his friend answered, still groggy from sleep. “Kind of early on a Sunday morning to be calling, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I’ll cut to the chase. How is my car? Is she tuned up?”

“Hell yeah, buddy! You know I keep her in tip-top shape. Why? You thinking about taking her for a spin?”

“Can you load her up and bring her to the track? Say in an hour? I’ve already made some calls and reserved the track time.”

“Hot damn! You bet your sweet Jesus I can! Beverly, wake up and get dressed,” Shane heard him say to his still sleeping wife. “Shane wants to drive! Holy shit! This is the best news I’ve heard in forever. See you in an hour, buddy.”

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