Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Two


Tiana was surprised how easy it all turned out to be. She'd been dreading some long-drawn out process and going through one agent and another. And yet all it had taken was one phone call.

She was almost jittery with anticipation. This Jordan guy had seemed really different from what she'd imagined. He'd sounded quite cultured, and she couldn't help thinking that some of these male escorts were actually men of standing who liked to indulge in some alternative past-time just for the fun of it. Was her Jordan that kind of guy?

She laughed out loud at the thought that she'd called him ‘her’ Jordan. Obviously she was really looking forward to her night. She felt nervous, and filled with an excitement and interest in life she hadn't felt in a long time.

Was that why some people - both men and women - liked the idea of no-strings escorts? Was it for the taste of the exotic and the forbidden brought to an otherwise everyday existence? Tiana liked to think so. It was certainly true she had her own reasons, yet she was sure that not everyone who sought the companionship of escorts was lonely or desperate for a last-minute date – which just happened to be true in her case.

But for now, she was looking forward to an evening with Jordan, her very own male escort.

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