Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Four


Jordan could feel her going cold on him.

Had he come on too strong? Maybe he’d overdone things with his “intense” attitude. He wasn’t sure. But he knew one thing: he was slowly losing the plot here, and he had to step back and ask if he really, really wanted to go through with this.

Tiana was a beautiful, smart woman. And young too, which made it all a great surprise that she was doing this, paying for male companionship. One of the first things she’d done soon after he arrived was to slip an envelope across to him. Inside had been the steep amount of dollars it was costing her for his company for the evening. That had been his chance, he knew, to tell her the truth. And there were many more opportunities after that. But he didn’t; he took the money. He sat there, he flirted with her, and tried to get into her mind without really showing it.

Jordan was insanely attracted to her, intrigued, and at the same time, confounded. He wasn’t sure now what he was getting himself into. It would be over in a few hours, and they would never see each other again. He’d go home, and soon get to the bottom of who did this and why, and his photo and details would be deleted from that escort website. Tiana would have gotten her night of pleasure, and he...well, he would have done a really, really bad thing.

No, maybe not bad: just dishonest. Because, it didn’t really matter if it was him or some other guy; Tiana had intended to hire a male escort for the evening, hadn’t she? And well, here he was, fulfilling that role. He considered himself as articulate, accomplished and good-looking as any she could have picked to be her companion and sexual partner that night. She had shown some surprise at him being so refined as she’d called it. Had she expected someone with a bit more rough edges? For some reason, Jordan hated to disappoint.

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