Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Five


“There’s more.”

Tiana couldn’t believe what he’d just whispered in her ear. What more could there possibly be? Hadn’t he just managed to send her on a space shuttle to the stars, and then bring her hurtling back down to earth? And all before midnight. Damn; if there was anything more it would be unreal.

“Remember, Tiana...the full package. You get the whole bundle tonight, beautiful,” he told her with a soft chuckle. “How about a body massage?”

Well. Yeah, okay. She figured she could do with one right now. Considering her whole body was aching with delicious, lingering pangs; everywhere. Inside and out.

Following his suggestion, they ended up in her bathroom, with its large tub. Enough room for her to settle in the scented steam bath he ran for them.

He balanced her right in between his thighs, with her back half-resting on his chest, and proceeded to smooth all over her skin with a nicely rough soapy sponge. He moved in small, circular motions all over her spine, shoulders, breasts. Hmm. Down her belly, between her She was stirring to life again. Shit. No. Her pussy couldn’t take it. Even as she felt that now familiar tingle of arousal as the sponge inadvertently swept over her clit, she felt sure she couldn’t handle another rampage from his cock. And one more earth-shattering orgasm would definitely kill her.

“Relax, beautiful,” he said softly in her ear, as he felt her body stiffen. He urged her knees up to fold above the water, spread wide apart. He sponged down her calves to her feet, just stroking and cleansing. “This is totally therapeutic, I promise. Nothing more.”

Yeah, right, she thought, feeling the unmistakable prod of his burgeoning cock in the small of her back where she rested against his groin. If she sat up a little, she knew his expanding erection be cushioned between her ass cheeks. So though she tried to obey his instruction by staying relaxed, she knew she wasn’t going to lose her guard so much as to encourage him just yet.

Not until her inner muscles as well as all the outer ones didn’t feel like she’d been run through twice by a freight truck. Damn! He’d twisted her legs in positions she hadn’t even known she could achieve. He’d held her down in ways that had thrilled and freaked her out with pleasure. She’d been overpowered by his unquestionable masculinity, and had been fucked like he wanted her to feel him the next morning. And the next. But right now, her punished pussy needed to ease down from the incredible heights of passion it had shared with his cock. Or so she believed.

He’d tossed aside the sponge, and was now using just his hands to ply her body sensually. He massaged his long, supple fingers with nicely rough pressure over her tense spots. There between each collarbone just at the base of her neck, and then the rounded curves at the end of her shoulders.

“How are we doing so far?” he asked softly, lips close to her ear which made her squirm slightly as she broke out of her sensual daze.

“I like it. The massage. Very nice,” she purred, resting her head back against his shoulder.

He chuckled quietly. “Thanks. But I was talking about all that’s happened up to now. Having fun?”

“I think you already know the answer to that,” she murmured, feeling her cheeks go warm. Things had turned out far better than she’d have dreamed. She kept giving silent thanks to her pal Alyssa for recommending Jordan. Nothing felt contrived, or manipulated. She’d felt relaxed with him from the start and he had such a warm, winning personality without even trying. With his looks and charm, he must have girls wriggling out of their panties even before they realized it. No wonder he was in the escort business. He’d certainly get enough offers to keep him busy the year round.

Which meant she was damn lucky to have got him on such short notice. But then thinking about how the best sex of her life had been achieved at the hands of a professional gigolo, Tiana felt her belly twist and her heart grow cold. Where on earth could she find a man like Jordan in normal circumstances? Damn. Why did this only have to be for one crazy night?

“What are you thinking?” he asked in that low, husky tone, his fingers brushing her hair back off her shoulder.

He’d probably run a mile if she told him, thought Tiana. How would he feel if he knew he’d gotten under her skin so easily?

When she merely shook her head mutely, he whispered, “Want to take this to the bedroom?”

Shameless as she was, Tiana realized she did. The sensation of his now hardened dick prodding her back, plus the gorgeously sensual massage from those magic hands of his, had tuned her up again. She was glowing with arousal, her nipples hard from the water and the light, teasing grazes from his fingers.

He toweled them both dry and then surprised her by swinging her into his arms before taking her back to the bedroom.

He slid her down his body so that they were standing face to face. His fingers trailed over her jawline and then down to her thrust out breasts, skimming over the tight buds and making her gasp.

“We have a few more hours until sunrise,” he reminded her. “And I have a few ideas.”

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