Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Six


Jordan shoved his hands back through his hair and turned away from Tommy’s accusing eyes.

“Really, Jordan? Again?” Tommy asked, his eyebrows propped high in individual V-shaped arches.

Jordan knew exactly what Tommy meant. Tiana. Calling him up again yesterday. Asking if he was available for another appointment. As soon as possible.

Hearing her smooth, feminine voice on the line again had sent him down memory lane – as if every moment of their encounter wasn’t already etched in his brain. Touching her, kissing her – eating her out and then getting his cock so deep inside her snug, welcoming channel. He’d forget none of that in a hurry. He could still taste her spicy, honeyed essences at the back of his throat each time he swallowed. Damn, but he’d felt ready to never take his tongue out of inside her. Nothing ever – had tasted so good. Or addicting.

“Could you work me into your schedule again? Even if for just a few hours sometime this week. How about Thursday? Maybe for dinner and dancing? Or is that too soon?” she’d asked, her tone as professional as ever even as the sentence inched on too long. Jordan’s mind went as blank as the first time she’d ever called him.

At the sound of her voice, his cock was instantly so hard it felt ready to rip through the expensive fabric of his dress pants. Jordan even forgot he was right inside his office, just minutes from receiving an important client for a meeting.

All he could see in his mind’s eye was Tiana’s face, prettily curved in an oval, her full lips tinted with dusky pink, her skin glowing with fresh beauty. He smiled suddenly as he remembered her grinding her delectable ass against him on the dance floor. An ass he’d mentally vowed then and there to rub and kiss all over once he got the chance. Before the night was through he did have that chance, after which he’d been so wild and hard for her, he’d fucked her until she’d virtually passed out.

A part of him had wanted to pull her soft, warm body against his for a cuddle, until he collected his senses and chose to keep some distance between them as she slept. He’d only meant to rest a bit before making a quick exit, but had ended up sleeping until the early morning. When he woke up, she was draped all over him, her lips softly breathing against his ear. He’d looked down to see her breast pressed against his arm, the sensation of her soft firmness making his already hard cock swell to almost painful proportions.

Jordan was so busy reliving every moment of the time spent with her that he’d forgotten she was on the line waiting for his reply. Until he heard her blurt out, “It’s okay if you’re already booked. I understand if you think this is much too impromptu. If you could suggest when you’ll be free again.”

“How about tonight?”

The words had come out even before he could think them out properly first. But damn, he wanted her; had wanted her the moment he’d walked out of that room leaving behind a deliciously mussed and sleeping Tiana, naked and lushly spread for him to reach out and take if he’d dared. But she’d wanted only one night and so he hadn’t lingered – but each step felt weighted with lead as he’d walked away.

No woman had got him so hard in a long time. Not once in his grownup life had a female made him want to throw everything away just to be with her again. Right now. At whatever cost.

At the back of his mind, it prickled him to think he still existed beneath a lie. She thought he was a male escort. She’d paid him on that assumption and was interested in paying him again for another encounter. On another level, the knowledge gave him a swell of cockiness. He’d given it to her so good she was coming back for more. Hell yeah he was free.

But then common sense returned and he tacked on hastily into the surprised silence, “Say, around seven or eight. I could spare a few hours. A client cancelled so I happen to have an evening free. As long as it’s not for the night like the last time.”

“No. I think a few hours would be fine. I have an early morning appointment anyway. Do you want to come by the apartment for a drink first?” Her voice had a delightfully breathy undertone. Picturing the confident, professional Tiana beside the wanton, submissive Tiana of the bedroom gave Jordan more of a thrill than he’d have expected.

When it came to women, he hardly had to make much effort. He was used to getting what he wanted and so far, he’d never got to face rejection or being given a difficult time by a female. Fact was, he couldn’t even remember ever having to ask a woman out. Somehow, when he met someone attractive, she usually found a way to get into his bed and Jordan usually played along if she was his type. Much of the same had happened with Chloe, his ex.

They’d been introduced through mutual friends at a dinner party, and the next thing he knew they were going on dates, meeting up at her suggestions. In a week they were in bed together and he couldn’t even remember making the move to officially ask her out or date her for real. It had just happened. Chloe, who worked as a successful fashion buyer, was one of those assertive women who didn’t bother about who got to make the first move.

She did what she needed to do to get her man and by the end of the month, was firmly ensconced in Jordan’s life as his girlfriend. But only because he’d let it happen, of course. He’d had the mistaken belief that just because she was beautiful, smart and successful, she was his type. But Chloe was in that category of female that could easily top the ‘sexiest women’ lists with her looks, figure and personality, but was actually rubbish in bed. Too uptight, too self-conscious, too squeamish.

All of the things Tiana wasn’t. She’d been enthusiastic about everything he’d been willing to try. For the first time in a long while, he’d got to enjoy rough sex just as he liked it. Ramming a woman so deep her whole frame jolted; taking control of her body and its needs and not being interrupted with pleas to stop or slow down. As fast and hard and deep as he’d taken Tiana, she’d given right back, pushing him over the edge until he’d cum so forcefully his brain had almost shut down from the intensity.

It had been hard keeping things in perspective with Tiana. That night, the sex had been very, very good for him. Probably the best ever. Maybe it was the circumstances; the role play. The fact that he was fulfilling a fantasy for her while at the same time, indulging in one he’d never even known he’d had. Every moment had been powerfully erotic and vividly sexy especially when Tiana responded with so little inhibition. That had definitely made it all more than worthwhile for him.

And this time, he knew he could keep up the act of playing the professional gigolo just as well as the last time. She’d never guess the truth unless he told her.

The truth...

Even as they rounded up the call after confirming the time, Jordan replaced the receiver feeling a twinge of guilt. No matter how great the sex was, it still remained at the back of his mind that Tiana deserved the truth. And yet, Jordan convinced himself that the truth wasn’t necessary to giving her a good time.

All she wanted was sex, not romance. So long as she was satisfied and not getting harmed or hurt in any way, Jordan reasoned he was doing nothing wrong. At the same time, he was still interested in finding out who’d put his profile up there.

But even that took second place to the knowledge that at around eight pm, he’d be meeting Tiana at her apartment. She’d mentioned going to dinner and dancing, but he knew what she was really wanting was another red-hot session of sex. As his secretary let in his morning’s appointment, Jordan did his best to focus on the business at hand and keep his roving thoughts from a certain brown-eyed beauty with gorgeous, upturned breasts with nipples so thick and round he felt he could nibble on them for ages. Shaking off that distracting image, he rose to greet his client with a professional demeanor.

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