Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Eight


Jordan felt the blood course straight from his brain down to his groin at the sound of Tiana’s voice. She’d barely spoken five words, “Hello Jordan. It’s me, Tiana.” And already he got hard as a plank. Her cultured, smooth-lined voice did things to his senses no woman ever could. Just hearing her speak brought the stimulating visual of Tiana saying his name breathlessly as he’d fucked her face to face, bringing her to a headboard-banging climax.

He was at his desk, and the moment he heard her voice on the line, he dismissed his secretary who’d been taking notes on some correspondence he wanted sent out to clients. Once the door shut behind her, Jordan rose and held the phone to his ear, looking out the window at the cityscape.

“Hi, Tiana. Great to hear from you.”

“Thank you.” She paused, and he waited, willing his cock to stop going crazy and diminish from its bulge that had his pants feeling too damned tight.

“I know I was supposed to email you details about the event on Thursday,” she continued.

Again she paused and Jordan felt like running his fingers through his hair in a state of disturbance. How the hell had he let this female get to him so bad? What was it about her? She wasn’t like any woman he’d ever been with but she already knew that. She’d called him on Monday, just days after their first encounter, and he hadn’t hesitated to meet her for a few hours of sex. Paid for, no less. He remembered slipping the money he didn’t want or need into his pocket and feeling like an absolute shit yet telling himself at least, he was giving her what she craved.

Yeah, sure. Jordan the Good Samaritan to sex-deprived women. How noble, he mocked himself. And the worst part was that if she suggested they meet up again, he knew he’d agree. He’d drop everything again and show up wherever she wanted, to be whatever she wanted just to have her one more time. Even though it was all a farce; with him pretending to be what he wasn’t. But then was that so corrupt? He’d become what she wanted him to be for her. No one else. Wasn’t that enough to show he wasn’t a bad guy?

“Tiana,” he probed when the silence went on and on. “Are you okay?”

He was worried now. Was she about to call off the arrangement to join her for the charity event? He knew he should be relieved if she did. He still hadn’t figured out how the hell he was going to handle that improbable situation.

“Yes. I’m fine. It’s just that...well, I didn’t have your email so I went back to the Gents4Ladies site and then couldn’t find your profile there anymore,” she explained in a sudden rush that made him stiffen. “You took it down. Why?”

Jordan’s brain was trying to work on overdrive. What could he tell her? That he was retiring, getting out of the game? Or why not the truth? That whoever had his details registered on that site had apparently got bored with the prank and deleted the profile they’d set up? Would she believe him? Would she forgive him for whatever slight she might feel?

Jordan wasn’t ready to admit to himself why it mattered what Tiana thought. “I had it taken down. I didn’t need an online presence anymore.”

He decided to break it to her gently. And not on the phone. But then she started speaking again.

“Oh I see. I guess you’ve been getting so many referrals you wouldn’t need to advertise your services as much as before. After all I heard about you from a friend so...”

Jordan’s eyes narrowed. So Tiana hadn’t just stumbled on his profile and picked him. Someone had told her about him. Jordan was sure he could get to the bottom of this whole fiasco if he could find out more.

“A friend? Could you tell me who it is? Someone I might know?” He gritted his teeth holding in his impatience for the facts. Dammit he wanted to shake someone! Why would anyone have thought this was a good joke? It was fucking up his life. He’d met this amazing woman he’d have loved to get to know better but it was all messed up because she believed he was a paid male prostitute!

“I’m sorry. She distinctly asked that I not mention her name. But you can at least know that she’s not a past client of yours,” Tiana said reluctantly. “Although she did hear glowing recommendations about you from others.”

Jordan stifled a groan. Great, just great! He had a bunch of women out there claiming they knew him as a commendable gigolo. That was doing a lot for his self-esteem right now. Not. Someone was having fun at his expense and he didn’t like it. One bit.

“I wish you could just give me a name,” Jordan pressed, his fingertips jabbing into his eyes as he winced. “Give me anything.”

“I don’t know what to tell you. Does it matter whom I heard about you from? Perhaps the women would prefer to hold on to their privacy the same way as you would.”

“You’re right,” Jordan said, calmly. He had to cool the fuck down. He could still get to the bottom of this but that was second place right now to what was between him and Tiana. That was all he could really focus on for the moment. “So what do you want, Tiana?”

“I was wondering if you were still free for Thursday. The charity dinner is at the Ursula Beecroft center. It’ll be for a few hours and it’s black tie. The event’s to begin at seven pm and is billed to end before ten.”

Jordan’s head flung back and he stared up at the ceiling. Moment of truth. What could he say? He paused a few moments and tried to think. Think, think, Jordan. You’re smart; you help your clients make billions of dollars every year on well-picked investments. You’ve got a foot-long list of clients to prove how smart and successful you are. What could be hard about thinking up a way to get through this mess you got yourself into?

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