Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Twelve


Jordan wanted more.

Tiana was wet – so fucking wet. She made him mad for her when she always seemed so eager and ready for his touch, his passion. If only she knew what she did to him to find her pussy melting and puffy with the same hunger that powered his loins.

He whispered her name and felt her shudder. Sometimes he didn’t realize when he did it – when he called her Tiana. It just felt right rolling from his lips; it felt intimate and warm and helped him express things he’d once been wary to say. But Jordan was fed up with holding back. He needed more. He craved for all she had to give.

His body snaked lower and he rolled up her sexy little tee-shirt with one hand while he thrust his fingers relentlessly into her juicy vagina. Now the folds of her shirt rested high on her chest, revealing her nakedness to his ravenous gaze.

Hot damn. Her curves should be a crime. Luscious handfuls of flesh, they begged to be groped and squeezed and sucked. Her full breasts, her thighs, her hips. His thumb reached up for her ruby clit and he stubbed the small nub, rubbing in circles while his two fingers fucked in and out of her snug pussy. Groaning deeply with lust, he bent to her heaving chest and suckled one thick, hard bud. The sensation of her nipple in his mouth went straight to his head.

“Your taste. I love your taste. What is it? Tell me,” Jordan groaned, looking up to meet her glassy gaze, her lips full and panting.

“I don’t know,” breathed Tiana, writhing against him and making him even harder and madder.

“Liar. You do know. You know exactly what you’re doing to me,” he growled as he bent to her breast again.

Tiana moaned and arched into his mouth, her hands cupping his head. Jordan’s lips pulled strongly on the whole surface of her aureole and when she whimpered he knew he was tugging too forcefully but he couldn’t help himself. To tease and soothe her, he slathered her nipple with his tongue and her shuddering sigh told him he’d hit the right balance of rough and tender.

He sucked until his need popped like a champagne cork in his head. He drew his mouth away, craving for more as he shifted to the other breast. He rested his face against her soft, firm flesh and fought back the heady rush coursing straight down to his cock. He straightened up slightly as he felt her shift, her hands moving in between their bodies to palm his cock. Oh shit. He gritted his teeth as she spent the next few moments unfastening his belt buckle and releasing his fly. When she drew out his cock and settled it within her soft, stroking fingers, Jordan felt close to erupting in her palms.

She stroked him shyly at first but then her touch grew bolder, her fingers encircling his shaft and pumping firmly. Jordan groaned and tugged out of her grip before the disaster could occur.

Jordan needed to slow the fuck down or the intensity of his needs would embarrass the shit out of him before he was ready. But damn her tit felt so good in his mouth and when she stroked his cock her touch was like heaven. It all swirled in his brain and it took superhuman effort on his part to channel his focus on giving her the utmost pleasure out of this because it wouldn’t take much for him to reach his own stampeding release. Pulling his fingers from her cunt, he lowered on his knees and tugged her hips to rest on the edge of the couch. When he pushed her legs wide apart he was greeted with the amazing visual of her juicy secrets put on display.

He vaguely heard her whimper his name but he was so past reality his head was buzzing. He spread her folds apart with both his thumbs and then he lowered his face to slam his tongue deep inside her pussy.

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