Book: Tough and Tender (Bad Boy Romance Box Set)

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Chapter Five


After breakfast, Kendra ushered Flint back to the couch to check his wound for infection and to change the bandage. They’d settled into an uneasy truce. Kendra suspected it wouldn’t last long. Flint didn’t strike her as the type of man who would be happy hanging out doing nothing for the weekend, especially once he found out about the trouble at his brother’s tattoo parlor.

Trying to keep him in the cabin was going to be a bitch. Considering his injury, she thought he would be conked out on the couch all weekend. The fact that he wanted to leave so soon undermined her chance of getting the money for the clinic, and that was a big problem. She’d made a deal with Jesse to stay and take care of him until Monday morning, and by God she meant to keep it - one way or the other.

If it ended up being a battle of wills between her and Flint, she didn’t have any doubt as to who would come out the victor. Mr. Motorcycle Man didn’t have any idea how determined she could be when she set her mind to something. If push came to shove, she could always knock him out with pills.

A desperate action like that would be underhanded and low, her conscience argued. Then again, it would be better than letting an impaired man drive, her sensible side countered back. And if he left, the Steel Infidels wouldn’t have any reason to give her the donation for the clinic.

Not only was she fighting an inner battle with herself, she was also finding it almost impossible to concentrate on wrapping Flint’s bandage while he was watching her face so intently.

“Worried about my skills?” she teased. “If you’re not, you should be. I tried very hard to explain to your brother that I’m not qualified to treat you.”

Flint grinned. He was such a mix of angel and devil when he flashed that white-hot smile. “I’m not worried, darling,” he replied, letting the endearment slip off his lips as smooth as butter.

Kendra’s eyebrows shot up and she laughed. Aha! So he thought he could charm her into giving him back his keys. Oh yes. She’d met men like Flint before; the kind of men who women fantasized about when they were all alone. The type of man who merely needed to smile to have a girl reaching around to unhook her bra. Kendra didn’t doubt that Flint could have a woman unzipping her jeans before she even realized she’d fallen underneath his spell. If she wasn’t real careful, it could happen to her too.

It had been a long time since she’d dated anyone special. Sure there had been a casual date here and there, always ending with a quick kiss goodnight and a pissed-off guy standing on her front porch with a closed door in his face.

Casual sex wasn’t something she messed around with. To her, it wasn’t worth the time or effort to fall into bed with a man she barely knew or even liked. And if they weren’t willing to take the time to woo her, and they usually weren’t, then so be it. Like her grandmother always said, “there are much worst things than being alone.” After watching some of her girlfriends get cheated on or in miserable marriages, Kendra knew this to be true.

And after all, she had the animals to keep her company and she was plenty busy enough at the clinic. Most nights she was so tired she hit the bed right after taking a shower. Lonely wasn’t a word in her vocabulary, which meant the sexy man flirting with her wouldn’t get under her skin, no matter how much she might be physically attracted to him.

“The wound looks good,” she said. “You’re healing nicely and faster than expected. These stitches are a little crooked though.”

“Does that mean I’m free to go, Doc?” he asked, flexing his arm.

“Nope,” she replied firmly. “Not yet.”

“What does your husband think about you staying here with me?”

Kendra laughed. “Lucky for you, I don’t have a husband. If there was, I don’t think he would be pleased, do you?”

Flint gave her another rakish grin. “Probably not. If you were my wife, I wouldn’t let you out of my sight.”

Kendra rolled her eyes at him. “There you go again. Have you heard from Jesse?”

“I left him a message. I’m sure he’ll call me back as soon as he can.”

Kendra taped a new bandage to his arm and started to stand up. Flint grabbed her hand, keeping her on eye level with him.

“I need to ask you something,” he said, suddenly serious. “Did I kiss you last night or was that an erotic dream?”

Kendra’s face burned with both shock and humiliation. She couldn’t have been more mortified that Flint remembered their kiss. And even worse, her reaction to him. She had been so sure he wouldn’t remember it. God! This was so embarrassing.

At first she thought about lying. Then she decided brushing it off would be the best thing to do.

“Yes, you did,” she answered. “But you were whacked out of your head, so it’s fine.” Kendra waved her hand as if it didn’t mean anything. “No big deal. It’s okay. I’m sure you thought I was someone else.”

Flint studied her face carefully for a moment then shook his head. “No, I don’t think so. I wouldn’t have thought you were someone else.”

“Oh? And why’s that?”

“Because there is no one else.”

Before Kendra could reply, Flint’s phone rang in his pocket, effectively cutting off their conversation.

“Jesse?” Flint answered. “What’s going on? Is everybody okay?”

Kendra grabbed her overnight bag from the table and headed for the bathroom to give Flint some privacy for his call.

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